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The Galerider is a fictional Sky Ship from Paul Stewart's The Edge Chronicles.

Featuring in The Quint Saga, The Galerider is a sky pirate ship that saw at least four captains before its destruction in Clash of the Sky Galleons.[1] It was present in the important battles of the time, including the assault on the Great Sky Whale[2] and The Battle of Wilderness Lair. When it was destroyed, It was approximately sixty years old. The remaining crew members joined Cloud Wolf's second and final ship, Stormchaser.

List of crew members[edit]

This is a list of people who served aboard The Galerider.


  • Hurricane Razorflit
  • Rain Quarm
  • Wind Jackal (Orlis Verginix)
  • Cloud Wolf (Quintinus Verginix)


Some of these also crewed aboard Stormchaser.



Stone Pilots[edit]

Quarter Masters[edit]

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