The Gap Scenic Reserve

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The Gap Scenic Reserve
Bottle Tree Eucalyptus cypellocarpa.jpg
the "Bottle Tree" with a gall, beside the Bonang Highway
The Gap Scenic Reserve is located in Victoria
The Gap Scenic Reserve
The Gap Scenic Reserve
Nearest town or city Cann River, Victoria
Coordinates 37°14.628′S 148°45.443′E / 37.243800°S 148.757383°E / -37.243800; 148.757383Coordinates: 37°14.628′S 148°45.443′E / 37.243800°S 148.757383°E / -37.243800; 148.757383

The Gap Scenic Reserve is situated in the state of Victoria in south eastern Australia.[1][2] It is a small reserve in isolated forest country beside the Bonang Highway. The reserve features tall eucalyptus trees and ferny gullies. Significant tree species include mountain grey gum, messmate and the shining gum. Threatened fauna includes powerful owls, tiger quolls and long-footed potoroos.


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