The Gathering (Magnum album)

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The Gathering
Compilation album by
Melodic rock
Progressive rock
LengthDisc 1: 1:13:36
Disc 2: 1:17:23
Disc 3: 1:16:38
Disc 4: 1:15:55
Disc 5: 1:13:39
LabelSanctuary Records
Magnum chronology
Into the Valley of the Moonking
The Gathering

The Gathering is a five-disc, career-spanning compilation album by British melodic rock band Magnum, released in 2010[needs update] by Sanctuary Records. It features previously unreleased live recordings, rare demos, b-sides and a live recording from Hammersmith Odeon, from 1988's Wings of Heaven tour.

"It wasn't enormous", said guitarist Tony Clarkin of his involvement. "I wanted a few tracks taken off, and I came up with the title… It turned out to be a really nice package."[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tony Clarkin, except where noted.

Disc 1
No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."Stormbringer" (Demo)Archive3:31
2."Find the Time" (Outtake)Archive3:04
3."In the Beginning"Kingdom of Madness7:52
4."Baby Rock Me"Kingdom of Madness4:05
5."Universe"Kingdom of Madness3:45
6."Kingdom of Madness" (Alternate Version)Archive3:56
7."Great Adventure"Magnum II4:54
8."Changes" (7" Remix)Changes Remix single4:11
9."The Battle"Magnum II2:10
10."All of My Life"Magnum II4:43
11."If I Could Live Forever" (Live)Marauder4:07
12."Foolish Heart" (Live)Marauder3:08
13."Lords of Chaos" (Live)Marauder3:48
14."Lights Burned Out" (Demo)Archive4:06
15."Soldier of the Line"Chase the Dragon4:16
16."On the Edge of the World"Chase the Dragon4:22
17."The Spirit"Chase the Dragon4:17
18."The Teacher"Chase the Dragon3:21
Disc 2
No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."Back to Earth" (A-Side)Live in America EP3:39
2."Hold Back Your Love" (A-Side)Live in America EP3:22
3."Long Days Black Nights" (B-Side)Lights Burned Out 7"3:11
4."The Word" (Orchestral Version)Just Like and Arrow 12"4:58
5."True Fine Love" (Outtake)Archive3:22
6."The Prize"The Eleventh Hour3:39
7."Breakdown"The Eleventh Hour3:59
8."Vicious Companions"The Eleventh Hour3:36
9."One Night of Passion"The Eleventh Hour3:48
10."Road to Paradise"The Eleventh Hour3:30
11."All England's Eyes" (Demo)On A Storyteller's Night 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition4:50
12."How Far Jerusalem"On A Storyteller's Night6:25
13."Just Like an Arrow"On A Storyteller's Night3:22
14."On a Storyteller's Night"On A Storyteller's Night4:59
15."Les Morts Dansant"On A Storyteller's Night5:47
16."Lonely Night"Vigilante3:48
17."Need a Lot of Love"Vigilante4:48
18."Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping)" (12" Remix)Midnight single6:20
Disc 3
No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."When the World Comes Down"Vigilante5:20
3."Days of No Trust" (12" Version)Days of No Trust 12"5:23
4."Wild Swan"Wings of Heaven6:15
5."It Must Have Been Love"Wings of Heaven5:16
6."Don't Wake the Lion (Too Old To Die Young)"Wings of Heaven10:34
7."Start Talking Love"Wings of Heaven3:36
8."Crying Time" (B-Side)It Must Have Been Love 7"4:47
9."C'est La Vie" (B-Side)Start Talking Love 7"4:13
10."Maybe Tonight" (B-Side)Days of No Trust 7"4:39
11."Rockin' Chair" (Tony Clarkin, Russ Ballard)Goodnight L.A.4:10
12."Heartbroke And Busted"Goodnight L.A.3:37
13."What Kind of Love Is This?" (Tony Clarkin, Jim Vallance)Goodnight L.A.4:35
14."Hanging Tree" (B-Side)Heartbroke And Busted 7"3:39
15."Cry for You" (Tony Clarkin, Sue Shiffron)Heartbroke And Busted 7"3:54
Disc 4
No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."Where Do You Run To" (B-Side)Rockin' Chair 7"3:44
2."Stormy Weather"Sleepwalking4:42
3."Just A Little Bit" (B-Side)Only in America single3:59
4."Maybe Tonight" (Acoustic)Keeping The Nite Light Burning3:30
5."Without Your Love" (Acoustic)Keeping The Nite Light Burning4:45
6."We All Need To Be Loved"Rock Art5:05
7."The Tall Ships"Rock Art5:06
8."The Last Dance" (Live)The Last Dance5:02
9."Sacred Hour" (Live)The Last Dance5:46
10."Breath of Life"Breath of Life4:48
11."Brand New Morning"Brand New Morning6:17
12."Dragons Are Real"Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow5:21
13."Thank You for the Day"Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow5:10
14."The Moonking"Into the Valley of the Moonking6:16
15."A Face in the Crowd"Into the Valley of the Moonking6:24
Disc 5: Live at Hammersmith 26 March 1988
No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."Vigilante"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS6:40
2."Wild Swan"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS6:15
3."Start Talking Love"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS3:36
4."On a Storyteller's Night"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS4:59
5."Need a Lot of Love"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS4:48
6."How Far Jerusalem"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS6:25
7."Lonely Night"Previously Unreleased3:48
8."Days of No Trust"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS5:23
9."Don't Wake the Lion (Too Old To Die Young)"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS10:34
10."Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping)"Previously Unreleased4:01
11."Just Like an Arrow"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS3:22
12."Kingdom of Madness"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS3:56
13."The Spirit"Previously Unreleased4:17
14."Sacred Hour"Live: On The Wings of Heaven VHS5:35


  • Tony Clarkin – Guitar
  • Bob Catley – Vocals
  • Wally Lowe – Bass
  • Richard Bailey – Keyboards, Flute
  • Kex Gorin – Drums
  • Mark Stanway – Keyboards
  • Robin George – Guitar
  • Mickey Barker – Drums
  • Jim Simpson – Drums
  • Harry James – Drums
  • Al Barrow – Bass
  • Jimmy Copley – Drums


  1. ^ Ling, Dave, "Live! Magnum"; Classic Rock #148, August 2010, p105

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