The Genesis Children

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The Genesis Children
Directed by Anthony Aikman
Produced by Billy Byars, Jr.
Written by Anthony Aikman
Billy Byars, Jr.
Barbara Smith
Starring Vincent Child
Greg Hill
Bubba Collins
Peter Glawson
David Johnson
Jack Good
Music by Jerry Styner
Cinematography Bill Dewar
Edited by Jeremy Hoenack
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Genesis Children is a 1972 art film by Lyric Films International. The movie is highly controversial due to extensive full nudity scenes of teenage and preteen boys.

The movie itself has been widely panned, though many critics praised the film's musical score.[citation needed]


The plot of the movie is convoluted and rather loose. It concerns a man dressed as a priest who gathers together a group of teen boys, both American and European, and takes them to a beach on the Mediterranean Sea. There he has plans to stage a play based on the biblical Book of Genesis.

Throughout the movie, the boys in question are frequently entirely nude and are shown frolicking in the surf, building shelters, driving a van and climbing up cliffs. The storyline is largely stream-of-consciousness and starts many threads it then leaves unfinished.


The extensive amount of juvenile nudity has inspired more than a little controversy.[citation needed]. The film is now available on both VHS and DVD.


The MPAA film classification database lists an X rating for the film.[1]

"The Genesis Children is really a very benign film. It was only the cumulative amount of nudity and the closeup shots of the pelvic area that brought about the X decision. Even the violence of the scene in which the boys attack the bus is well within the R category," said Dr. Aaron Stern, director of MPAA's code and rating administration.[2]

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