The Genie from Down Under

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The Genie From Down Under
Starring Alexandra Milman
Rhys Muldoon (Series 1)
Sandy Winton (Series 2)
Glenn Meldrum
Anna Galvin
Ian McFadyen
Monica Maughan
Mark Mitchell
Country of origin Australia
United Kingdom
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 25 minutes
Original network ABC
Original release 3 June 1996 – 19 August 1998
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The Genie From Down Under is a British/Australian children's comedy television series. It was a co-production between the ACTF, the BBC and the ABC from 1996 to 1998. It was released on video in the 1990s, and is available for order via the ACTF website[1][2] or Purchase on iTunes.[3]


Penelope Townes, a 13-year-old British girl, comes into possession of an opal pendant when she explores the dusty attic of her family's decaying mansion. The opal contains two Australian genies, Bruce and his son Baz. Typically, an episode revolved around the consequences of one of Penelope's flippant wishes, or the efforts of an outside party to steal the opal (and thus, the genies).

There is also a strong subplot involving Bruce's efforts to manipulate Penelope's wishes in order to become free from the opal – something which Penelope, who is snobbish and sees the genies as her property, is too selfish to allow.

When Penelope inherits a property in Australia (Townes Downs), Bruce and Baz are very happy because it means that they can spend more time in their own country. When they go to inspect the property, they meet Otto von Meister, who runs tours of outback Australia. His family had once owned the opal, and according to Otto, Penelope's great grandfather had stolen it from his family years before. When he finds out that Penelope has the opal, he tries to steal it from her. He often enlists his nephew Conrad to help him. Penelope falls in love with Conrad, which gives Otto far more opportunity to steal the opal.

Things are further complicated when Bruce (the genie) falls in love with Penelope's mother, Lady Diana Townes. She is already supposedly in love with Lord 'Bubbles' Uppington-Smythe, however, it is revealed that this is only because of his money, and she in turn falls in love with Bruce.

In the end, Penelope accepts that Bruce and her mother are in love, and gives the opal to her mother, allowing Bruce to reveal his true identity. Bruce and Diana end up marrying.



Two series were produced. The first during 1995 and 1996 and the second during 1998. Rhys Muldoon wasn't able to return for season 2, so Sandy Winton took over the role. The scenes of Penelope's mansion in England were shot at Werribee Park Mansion near Melbourne.


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