The Gentle Sex

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The Gentle Sex
"The Gentle Sex" (1943).jpg
Directed by Leslie Howard
Produced by Derrick de Marney
Written by Moie Charles [1]
Starring Joan Gates
Jean Gillie
Joan Greenwood
Joyce Howard
Rosamund John
Lilli Palmer
Ronald Shiner
Narrated by Leslie Howard
Music by John D. H. Greenwood
Cinematography Robert Krasker
Edited by Charles Saunders
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release date
15 April 1943
Running time
92 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Gentle Sex is a 1943 British, black-and-white romantic comedy-drama war film directed and narrated by Leslie Howard. It was produced by Concanen Productions, Two Cities Films and Derrick de Marney.[1] The Gentle Sex was Howard's last film before his death.[2]


The documentary-drama follows seven women from different backgrounds who meet at an Auxiliary Territorial Service training camp. "Gentle" British girls, now doing their bit to help out in World War II: drilling, driving lorries, and manning ack-ack batteries. Leslie Howard provides narration through the course of the film.[3][4]


Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide noted, "some lucid and funny moments in a capable and intelligent production for its time";[5] and Billy Mowbray wrote, for Film 4, "if only social history was this good at school. Funny, fascinating and probably unlike any film you've seen before, The Gentle Sex is a bona fide cultural treasure." [6]


Further reading[edit]

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