The Getaway: High Speed II

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The Getaway: High Speed II
GetawayHighSpeed2 pinball.jpg
Manufacturer Williams
Release date February 1992
System Williams WPC (Fliptronics II)
Design Steve Ritchie
Programming Dwight Sullivan
Artwork Mark Sprenger, Doug Watson
Mechanics Carl Biagi
Music Dan Forden
Sound Dan Forden
Voices Steve Ritchie, Larry DeMar
Production run 13,259

The Getaway: High Speed II is a 1992 pinball game by Steve Ritchie. It is a sequel to 1986's popular High Speed.


The Getaway is almost identical to its predecessor, with the following changes:

  • Dot-matrix display (Resolution: 128x32)
  • The plunger is replaced with a gearshift, which is also used during main gameplay, as well as the video mode
  • A magnetic ball accelerator is called Supercharger, a left hand ramp leading to the accelerator
  • Some of the targets in the upper playfield were moved slightly to make room for the new ramp

This game uses the song "La Grange" by ZZ Top for its main gameplay song.


There are basically two main objectives in the game:

  • Run the Red Light — Lock the three balls by first hitting all three stoplight targets of the same color (first green, then yellow and finally red) and then shooting the left loop or the small inner loop to lock the ball. After the final lock, Multiball will start. (Super) Jackpots can then be lit by shooting into the Supercharger and scored by shooting the left loop or the small inner loop.
  • Redline Mania — By continuously shooting RPM (outer loops) you'll be awarded gears (use the gearshift to collect the mentioned bonus):
    • 1st Gear - 3 Million
    • 2nd Gear - Hold Bonus
    • 3rd Gear - Light Video Mode
    • 4th Gear - Supercharger Mode
    • 5th Gear - Light Redline Mania

The last gear will light "Redline Mania" which cannot be collected by the gearshift, but is awarded by shooting the Supercharger.

Secondary objectives:

  • Freeway — Either inlane will light the corresponding outer loop for a Freeway reward. The fifth Freeway will light Extra Ball in the Tunnel.
  • Tunnel — The Tunnel is used for various purpose:
    • Collect "Burn Rubber" (lit by shifting into a higher gear)
    • Collect Extra Ball
    • Collect Video Mode (Pole Position like video game)
    • Collect Helicopter Bonus (only after scoring a Jackpot during Multiball)
    • Increase Tunnel Shots (results in a special)
  • 1-2-3 targets — Relight Kickback and/or Supercharger Loop
  • Supercharger — Depending on the number of 1-2-3 targets scored, collect up to 10 million
  • Speed Millions — Continuous shots to the inner loop by the upper right flipper will score increasing (unlimited) Speed Millions

Digital versions[edit]

This table was ported onto the Game Boy in 1995. High Speed II was released as a licensed table of The Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios in August 2015.


GamePro's brief review of the Game Boy version stated, "At first this pinball game is innovative and fun. In the pinball section you can tilt the board, and when you hit special ramps you're put into a racing game. But the repetitive music and static graphics don't add much, and the gameplay quickly gets boring."[1]


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