The Ghost House

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The Ghost House
The Ghost House (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Author Stephen Cole
Audio read by Elisabeth Sladen
Series Doctor Who
The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection
Release number
Publisher BBC Audio
Publication date
13 November 2008
Media type Audiobook
CD and Digital Download (65 min.)
ISBN 978-1-4084-0059-3
Preceded by The Time Capsule
Followed by The White Wolf

The Ghost House is the fourth audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, written by Stephen Cole and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1][2]


One early morning, Sarah Jane hears a crash outside on Bannerman Road, she does outside to discover that a house on her road has transformed from a Modern house into a Victorian house. She soon discovers that an alien has escaped from a facility in Russia and may be the key to finding out what has happened.


  • Luke uses the Vorgat Defence Emitter, he retrieves from Rani who last used it in Day of the Clown to protect against spellman.
  • Mr Smith was not able to register the time distortion at the O'Briens house. This was due to his reboot in The Lost Boy
  • Sarah Jane remembers hearing stories that a "Victorian scientists who experimented with time travel and static electricity", this is a possible reference to the events that unfolded in Evil of the Daleks. Sarah Jane may have heard this story from Victoria Waterfield, who was the Doctor companion for this period of time, and who Sarah Jane met in the direct-to-video spin-off Downtime.



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