The Ghost Song

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"The Ghost Song"
Song by The Doors from the album An American Prayer
Released November 1978[citation needed]
Recorded 1970 (spoken word)
1978 (music)
Genre Funk rock, spoken word, poetry
Length 4:13
Label Elektra
Writer(s) Jim Morrison
Producer(s) Robbie Krieger
Ray Manzarek
John Densmore
Frank Lisciandro
John Haeny
An American Prayer track listing
"The Ghost Song"
"Dawn's Highway/Newborn Awakening"

"The Ghost Song" is a song by The Doors, and was released on An American Prayer in 1978, 7 years after Jim Morrison's death in Paris, France[1]. The song, as with the whole album, is a posthumous putting to music of Morrison's own recordings of his poetry by the rest of the band.[2]

Part of the lyrics to the song, beginning with "Indians scattered on dawn's highway, bleeding", refer to a self-described childhood experience of Jim Morrison's, where he and his family were driving down a desert highway and passed a mutli-fatal road accident where trucks loaded with Indian workers had collided. According to Morrison, when he thought about that experience, he felt that the souls of the dead Native American workers "leaped into my soul and they're still there".[3]


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