The Ghosts of Hanley House

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The Ghosts of Hanley House
The ghosts of Hanley house.jpg
Poster art
Directed by Louise Sherrill
Produced by Joseph Durkin Jr. (producer)
Written by Louise Sherrill (writer)
Starring See below
Music by David C. Parsons
Cinematography Claude Fullerton
Edited by Frances Durkin
Release date
  • 1968 (1968)
Running time
85 minutes (U.S.)
Country United States
Language English

The Ghosts of Hanley House is a 1968 American horror film directed by Louise Sherrill.


A young man accepts a bet to stay in a house, with some friends, where several murders occurred. But the house may be haunted, or the original murderer may still be around.


  • Elsie Baker as Lucy
  • Barbara Chase as Sheila
  • Wilkie de Martel
  • Roberta Reeves as Gabby
  • Cliff Scott
  • Leonard Shoemaker

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