The Gilded Cage

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For the 1919 Evelyn De Morgan painting, see The Gilded Cage (Evelyn De Morgan painting). For the 1955 film, see The Gilded Cage (1955 film). For the 2013 film, see The Gilded Cage (2013 film). For The Avengers episode, see The Gilded Cage (The Avengers).
The Gilded Cage
Gilded Cage-George Hare.jpg
Artist St George Hare
Year 1908
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 127 cm × 101.5 cm (50 in × 40.0 in)
Location Stourhead

The Gilded Cage is a 1908 oil painting by Irish artist St George Hare, one of several of his shackled female images including his more famous Victory of Faith.

It depicts a lone, sleeping woman shackled by the wrists to a column while butterflies fly past. Its title may have been inspired by the 1900 song A Bird in a Gilded Cage and the painting may have symbolic meaning.[1]

According to the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), "The depiction of naked women in chains seemed to hold a special interest for Hare, and he returned to the subject frequently".[2]

Despite the captive's partial nudity she retains her innocence as her state of being disrobed is forced upon her by her captors rather than being her own choice.[2]