The Gin Club

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The Gin Club
Origin Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Genres Folk Rock
Years active 2004-present
Labels Plus One Records
Associated acts Giants of Science, O BAND, El Madrigal, The Young Liberals, The Vandas, The Wilson Pickers, The Spoils, Megafauna, White Elephant, Mike Noga & the Gentlemen of Fortune, The Golden Spurs, Scotty Regan and the Replicas
Members Ben Salter
Adrian Stoyles
Scott Regan
Brad Pickersgill
Conor Macdonald
Bridget Lewis
Ola Karlsson
Dan Mansfield
Angus Agars
Past members Ben Tuite
Dale Peachy
Jacob Harris
Matt Schneider

The Gin Club are an Australian folk rock musical collective from Brisbane. The band formed when the various members met while frequenting an open mic night at Brisbane pub O'Malley's.[1][2] The Gin Club have won three Q Song awards[3] and have toured in Canada.[4] and the United States.[5]


  • The Gin Club (2005)
  • Gabriel + Drugflowers ep (2005)
  • Fear Of The Sea (2005)
  • Junk (2008)
  • Hissy Fit Vol 1 (2009)
  • Deathwish (2010)
  • The Gin Club Live (2011)
  • Southern Lights (2015)


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