The Girl on the Broomstick

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The Girl on the Broomstick
Directed byVáclav Vorlíček
Written byVáclav Vorlíček
Miloš Macourek
StarringPetra Černocká
Jan Hrušínský
Jan Kraus
CinematographyVladimír Novotný
Edited byMiroslav Hájek
Music byAngelo Michajlov
Distributed byÚstřední půjčovna filmů
Release date
  • 8 September 1972 (1972-09-08)
Running time
76 min

The Girl on the Broomstick (Dívka na koštěti) is a 1972 Czechoslovak fantasy-comedy film directed by Václav Vorlíček based on a book by Hermína Franková [cs].[1] A sequel Saxána a Lexikon kouzel was released in 2011.



A teenage witch, Saxana, who faces 300 years' detention for failing her classes, escapes to the human world with the help of a school janitor. Once in the human world, she meets Honza, a teenage boy, who takes her to school with him. At school, Saxana becomes acquainted with three of the schools' teenage delinquents, who convince her to turn the faculty into rabbits by lying and promising her that they will help in her quest to stay in the human world.





The music for the film was composed by Angelo Michajlov. The soundtrack was released on a vinyl and CD by Finders Keepers Records in 2010.[2]


  1. Dívka Na Koštěti
  2. Dexem Po Multo Shumpoplex
  3. Telescopicas Humerus
  4. Petramorphosis
  5. Algebraic Airbrush
  6. Suxo Plexo Muxo
  7. A Pretty Kettle Of Fish
  8. A Chicken In Form 9
  9. Vladimír's Secret Service
  10. Rats And Rodents
  11. The Wisdom Teeth
  12. Ridiculous Cuniculus
  13. Twenty Past Two
  14. An Open Window
  15. Dexem Po Krumplex
  16. Saxana
  17. A Rabbit In Cage 6
  18. A Visit From The Heavies
  19. The 300 Year Itch
  20. Hex F.X.
  21. A Good Honest Looney House
  22. Hide And Sheikh
  23. Haxipola's Trip
  24. Rudexa Ux Velorex
  25. Expedit - A Dragon With Two Heads
  26. The Magic In A Single Rose


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