The Glades (New Jersey)

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Marsh between Gandy's Beach and Fortescue

The Glades is a name for 7,113 acres (28.79 km2) in Newport, New Jersey along the Delaware Bay. Owned by Natural Lands Trust, the formal name of this preserve is the Glades Wildlife Refuge and is publicly accessible at several points. Several of these points are part of New Jersey's Coastal Heritage Route.[1]

Public areas[edit]

Beach in Fortescue
  • The Russell Farm Trail, is a trail in the Glades that goes through forests and leads to an observation tower looking over a tidal marsh. Bald eagles, waterfowl and other birds can be seen from the observation tower during the year.
  • Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary- This area open by appointment only

Flora and fauna[edit]

Part of Bear Swamp, Bear Swamp West, is in the Refuge. Its broadleaf swamp forests contain 100 acres (40 ha) of old-growth forest, one of the largest such tracts in New Jersey.

Fortescue Beach and Raybins Beach are home to migratory birds each spring as well as horseshoe crabs, which lay their eggs on the sand at low tide. Parking along the road at Fortescue Beach is allowed in certain designated areas

Turkey Point is also home to migratory birds as well as nesting birds. The area is known for being home to the black rail and for crabbing in nearby Johnson's Ditch. The Wildlife Area at Turkey Point is always open and there is no admission charge.


There are also numerous marked trails throughout the refuge. Most of these trails have very limited parking if any immediately by the trailheads.

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