The Glands

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The Glands
Origin Athens, Georgia, United States
Genres Indie rock
Labels Bar/None, Velocette Records

The Glands are an indie rock band from Athens, Georgia. Their first CD "Double Thriller," was released on Bar/None Records in 1998 and their latest self titled album was re-released in August 2001.


They play through a series of set pieces that recall the Kinks, the Who, The Rolling Stones. The song "Livin' Was Easy" was featured in the DVD Let America Laugh by comedian David Cross.

Their main hits are; "Straight down," "Lovetown," "Swim," and "Work it out."

The band reunited for a brief east coast tour in late 2011, playing several dates with Yo La Tengo.

Ross Shapiro, singer, guitarist, and founding member of The Glands, died in March 2016 following a battle with an illness.[1]


  • 'Double Thriller' Bar/None Records (1998)
  • 'The Glands', Velocette Records (2000)
  • "The glands live @ Hacienda' (1993)


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