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Not to be confused with The Yale Globalist.
The Globalist
Web address
Type of site
online magazine
Available in English
Created by Stephan Richter
Editor Stephan Richter
Launched 2000

The Globalist is a daily online magazine that "focuses on the economics, politics and culture"[1] of globalization. The Globalist "aims to provide current and up-to-date news analysis and perspectives on wide-ranging global issues that touch all global citizens".

Its offices are based in Washington, DC, United States[2] and it began publishing on January 3, 2000. The Globalist was founded by Stephan Richter, who is also its Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. The Globalist, in addition to its English-language flagship, also publishes German- and French-language editions.

Mainstream syndication[edit]

Two current syndication clients of the magazine in the traditional major-market newspaper space are: The Boston Globe[3] and the Orange County Register.[4]


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