The Gnomes' Great Adventure

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The Gnomes' Great Adventure
Directed by Harvey Weinstein (original 1987 version)
Produced by Harvey Weinstein (original 1987 version)
Claudio Biern Boyd (1995 redub)
Based on The World of David the Gnome

1987 original version:
Tom Bosley
Christopher Plummer
Bob Elliott
Ray Goulding

1995 redub:
Stuart Organ
Steve Edwin
Gavin Muir
Stephen Bent
Juliet Prague
Regina Reagan
John Vernon
Claire Woyka
Distributed by Miramax Films (original 1987 version only)
BRB Internacional (1995 redub)
Release date
1987, 1995

The Gnomes' Great Adventure is a 1987 American animated film first released in 1987, [1] directed by Harvey Weinstein and released by Miramax Films in 1987. The film was Weinstein's second and final directorial attempt since 1987. The film was based on The World of David the Gnome, it follows the life and adventures of the gnomes as they struggle to outwit enemy trolls. Although the film is relatively unmemorable today, some well known actors did contribute to the film, including Tom Bosley, Christopher Plummer, Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding and Frank Gorshin. The English soundtrack to the film was rerecorded in 1995 by the London-based company Village Productions, Ltd with an entirely different voice cast.


1987 Release[edit]

1995 Release[edit]

  • Stephen Bent as Holler / Pat (voice)
  • Steve Edwin as Swift (voice)
  • Gavin Muir as The Man / The King / Pit (voice)
  • Stuart Organ as David (voice)
  • Juliet Prague as Tom (voice)
  • Regina Reagan as Susan / Twinkle (voice)
  • John Vernon as Omar / Master Ghost (voice)
  • Claire Woyka as Lisa (voice)


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