The Go-Go's (British band)

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The Go-Go's
Origin Newcastle, England, United Kingdom
Years active 1964
Members Mike Johnson
Alan Cairns
Abe Harris
Bill Davison
Les McLeian
Brian Davison
Sue Smith

The Go-Go's were a British group from Newcastle.[1] The group is known for their 1964 novelty Christmas single, "I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek".

The single tried to turn the sinister Daleks into another version of the Chipmunks, with singer Sue Smith putting on a lisping childlike voice. Songwriter and record producer Les Vandyke (working under the pseudonym of Johnny Worth) was largely responsible for the track. Other musicians were Mike Johnson, Alan Cairns, Abe Harris, Bill Davison and Les McLeian.[2]

The song was originally released as one of the many products fueling Dalekmania but as the craze fizzled out the song was largely forgotten, with snippets occasionally appearing in Doctor Who anthological products. It resurfaced in its entirety on the October 2000 album, Who Is Dr Who.[3]


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