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The Go Set are a five-piece punk rock band formed in 2002 and is built around founding member and main songwriter Justin Keenan. The band was formed after Justin's previous punk band Eddie Would Go. Since 2002 the band has released 6 albums, consistently toured Australia as well as embarking on regular tours of the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

The group's main style is based around punk rock with strong undertones of folk punk and Celtic punk with the use of traditional folk instruments like mandolin, bagpipes and accordion in the music. The Go Set have also supported bands like The Living End, The Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly and performed at major festivals. The Go Set are often compared to bands like The Clash, The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys with a unique Australian pub rock character. The Go Set also demonstrate a strong historical, social and political conscience in their lyrics.

Debut album "Sing a Song of Revolution" was produced by Lindsay Gravina at Melbourne's Birdland Studios. This album fuses traditional folk influences with 1970s punk rock. The follow up album "The Hungry Mile" was produced by Radio Birdman front man Rob Younger and featured the singles 'Davey', 'Union Man' and 'Power of Youth'.

In 2007 the band worked with Mick Thomas from Weddings Parties Anything to produce "A Journey for a Nation", released in May 2007 this album took a distinct folk direction. Featuring the single "The Rising Tide", A Journey for a Nation also featured a cover of Billy Bragg song Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards.

The band released their fourth studio album in 2008 entitled "Rising." The album was recorded and produced by Jonathan Burnside. Rising saw a return to their punk origins featuring a cover of Radio Birdman song "New Race". In April 2010 the Go Set released their live album "Another Round in Melbourne Town". A self-produced EP titled 'Fallen Fortunes' was released by the band in late 2010 and followed with a European tour.

In November 2011 The Go Set worked with Australian rock producer Paul McKercher on their 6th album, recorded at Hothouse Studios in St Kilda, Melbourne. The self-titled album features the single 'Drums of Chelsea' and was released in March 2012.

Shortly after completing a thirteen gig tour across the United States in September/October 2015, The Go Set launched their seventh album, "Rolling Sound". The first single from the album was "Bones", and the album's CD release was accompanied by a documentary DVD ("These Are The Days"). A 12" vinyl version of the record was released exclusively through Brisbane label Arrest Records Australia. The "Rolling Sound" Australian tour kicked off during October in Queensland, with gigs at the Gold Coast's Coolangatta Hotel and Brisbane's Beetle Bar.

Current band members[edit]

Former band members[edit]


Studio Albums

Year Title Track list
2004 Sing a Song of Revolution
  1. "1788"
  2. "Old Dark Brown"
  3. "Wandering Man"
  4. "Sing Me a Song"
  5. "5am"
  6. "Raymond O'Byrne"
  7. "Breakdown"
  8. "Away Away" (Weddings Parties Anything)
  9. "Fade"
  10. "Coming Down"
  11. "MacPherson's Rant"
  12. "The Panda / Gravel Walk" (Secret track)
2006 The Hungry Mile
  1. "Jig of Slurs"
  2. "Bordeaux"
  3. "Davey"
  4. "Tale of a Convict"
  5. "Salamanca"
  6. "All the Truth and Lies"
  7. "Union Man"
  8. "The Hardness of His Hand"
  9. "The Power of Youth"
  10. "Scarlet Snow"
  11. "Learning Slowly"
  12. "The Longest Holiday"
  13. "Bombs Falling"
  14. "Scots Wha' Ha'e" (The Real McKenzies)
2007 A Journey for a Nation
  1. "Fortune and Gold"
  2. "The Rising Tide"
  3. "The New Minority"
  4. "Swings and Roundabouts"
  5. "Bakery Hill"
  6. "Sheppards Town"
  7. "Catching the Sun"
  8. "Oceans of Blue"
  9. "A Story to Tell"
  10. "Welcome to the World"
  11. "Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards" (Billy Bragg)
  12. "Journey of a Thousand Miles"
2008 Rising
  1. "The Miner's Son"
  2. "North of the 23"
  3. "Portland 3:15"
  4. "Fifty Four"
  5. "Roaring Forties"
  6. "Armentieres"
  7. "A Black and White Picture"
  8. "Eastside Burning"
  9. "Believers"
  10. "Together Again"
  11. "New Race" (Radio Birdman)
2011 The Go Set
  1. "Drums of Chelsea"
  2. "The New Age"
  3. "Television Education"
  4. "All Our Friends"
  5. "Speakers Distort"
  6. "Halfway to Hell"
  7. "Rooftops"
  8. "Change the World"
  9. "December"
  10. "Liberty Bell"
  11. "Belfast Mill
2015 Rolling Sound
  1. The Rise and the Fall
  2. Bones
  3. Seven Years
  4. The Struggle and the Fight
  5. In the Streets
  6. Rolling Sound
  7. Raise a Glass
  8. Punkfest Night
  9. Tojo Bombs
  10. Holdfast
  11. The Last March
  12. Libertines

Extended plays

Year Title Track list
2003 Welcome to the New Dimension
  1. "Hey Good Morning"
  2. "New Dimension"
  3. "1,2,3,4"
  4. "Standing Out in the Rain"
2011 Fallen Fortunes
  1. "The New Age"
  2. "December"
  3. "Halfway to Hell"
  4. "Point Me Into the Sun"
  5. "December (Slow Version)"

Live albums

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  • Brad West. "Crime, Suicide and the Anti-Hero: "Waltzing Matilda" in Australia". Journal of Popular Culture. 353 (winter 2001). 127 - 141.
  • The Go Set @ MySpace