The Goats

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The Goats
The Goats.jpg
Background information
OriginPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
GenresHip hop, rap rock
Years active1991–1994
Past membersMadd
OaTie Kato

The Goats were an American alternative hip hop trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[2]


The group (whose name, according to Swayzack was chosen to join the word "scapegoats" and the saying "Don't get my goat," concluding that they felt the government had definitely gotten their goat at the time of formation)[3] began in 1991[4] with founding vocalists rappers OaTie Kato (James D'Angelo), Madd (a.k.a. "the M-A-the-double-D", Maxx Stoyanoff Williams), and Swayzack (Patrick Shupe). Earlier lineup formations during the 1991 era featured the sisters Love and Rucyl Mills[5] and Oatie's Brother, Vinnie Angel. [6]. Unusual for a rap group, the Goats had a full musical band as well, which later included drummer Chuck Treece. The group recorded on Columbia Records / Ruffhouse Records,[2] and their first album, Tricks of the Shade (1992), is considered one of the best Philadelphia albums of all time.[7]

They released two studio albums. Tricks of the Shade (1992) was produced by OaTie Kato and producer Joe "the Butcher" Nicolo) and released by Ruffhouse Records. It peaked at No. 58 in the UK Albums Chart in August 1994.[8] Their follow-up album was No Goats, No Glory (1994), released by Columbia Records.[2]

The Goats toured with Urge Overkill, Dog Eat Dog, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Luscious Jackson.

In 1994, OaTie Kato departed The Goats, reportedly because the other members of the group were too involved in recreational substances for him. He was replaced by vocalist and drummer Derek "D'Recka" Pierce.[9] Soon after, he founded the group Jimmy Luxury, which signed to Sony Records in 1999. As of 2009, he holds seminars on the use of Bitcoin and various other topics such as climate change. [10] Swayzack would cease all musical activity after the band broke up. Remaining member Madd continued to perform and produce music until the early 2000s, first with the Goats spin-off group Incognegro[11] and later with Black Landlord[12].

In 2019, they released a live album, Live at Khyber Pass — July 4th, 1993, which was featured on the iTunes UK landing page for a week. In the introduction to the 2019 book about Ruffhouse Records by Chris Schwartz, Roots lead man QuestLove writes that the Goats requested his band to warm up for them, resulting in their first live show.[13]




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