The God & Devil Show

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The God & Devil Show
God and Devil Show.png
Genre Black comedy
Created by Aubrey Ankrum
Theme music composer Jim Lively
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 43
Producer(s) John Evershed
Liz Stuart
Running time 3 to 7 minutes
Picture format Flash
Audio format Stereo (when available)
Original release 1999 – 2001
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The God & Devil Show is a Flash internet cartoon that had a successful run from 1999[1][2][3] to 2001. The show was produced and developed by Mondo Media and was created by Aubrey Ankrum,[4] who went on to create Happy Tree Friends.[5]


The God & Devil Show parodies many talk shows that feature celebrity interviews. The show features God as an old man with many flaws and misunderstanding of the modern world, and the devil as a promiscuous woman that enjoys the misfortune of the other characters. All the episodes feature an interview with a celebrity that usually goes wrong at some point, leading to further misfortune.[1] At the end of every episode, the viewer is able to choose if they want to send the celebrity to Heaven or Hell by clicking the button of "God" or "The Devil". In Heaven the celebrity would get something good and would end the episode by saying this is heaven. In Hell the celebrity would get something bad and will end the episode by screaming Nooooooooooooooo.[6]


Most of the show's staff worked on other Mondo Media shows at the time and most of them went on to work on the popular show Happy Tree Friends.


  • Created & Directed by: Aubrey Ankrum
  • Executive Producer: John Evershed
  • Produced by Julie Moskowitz, Liz Stuart & Eileen McKee
  • Co-Directed by: Jeff Biancalana
  • Writers: Aubrey Ankrum, Alf Adams, Jay Riddlesberger, Kenn Navarro, Warren Graff, Nick Torres
  • Animation by Mondo Studios, Wild Brain, Smashing Ideas, Inc., Full Swing Entertainment & "noisemedia"
  • Additional Art & Design by Jennifer Hansen
  • Voices: Jay Riddlesberger, Sally Dana, Aubrey Ankrum & the crew of the series
  • Production Engineer: Julie London
  • Music: RJ Eleven, Robert Warren
  • Sound: Jim Lively, L. Kadet Khune, RJ Eleven, Sarah Castelblanco
  • Technical Direction: Julie Stroud, Scott Walker

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