The Godfather (1991 video game)

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The Godfather
The Godfather
Cover art
Developer(s)U.S. Gold
Publisher(s)U.S. Gold
Platform(s)Amiga,[1] Atari ST,[2] MS-DOS
Genre(s)Action-adventure game

The Godfather is a side scrolling shoot 'em up game released by U.S. Gold in 1991. The plot is based on the three Godfather films. The game has five levels of gameplay which reflect the locations seen in the movies, including the streets of New York City, Miami, and the village of Corleone in Sicily.

It was released for several computer formats, including the Commodore Amiga,[1] the Atari ST[2] and MS-DOS, with the latter version coming on six floppy disks.

Critical reception to the Amiga version was mixed, ranging from 40% to 95%.[1] Amiga Computing praised its graphics (five out of five stars), but panned both its gameplay and addictiveness (one star each) and awarded it a below-average 40% overall.[3]


The Godfather is a side scrolling shooter with occasional first person shooter sequences. The object of the game consists of getting to the end of the levels while shooting enemy gangsters on the street. The player must be careful not to hit any innocent people, or the game will end. At the end of every level, there is a boss, as well as brief mini games which must be completed to proceed in the game. The last level consists of taking down an enemy helicopter while protecting Michael Corleone.


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