The Gold Coast (DeMille novel)

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The Gold Coast
The Gold Coast, Novel Cover.jpg
Author Nelson DeMille
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Warner Books
Publication date
April 1, 1990
Pages 500
ISBN 978-0446360852
OCLC 20758738
813/.54 20
LC Class PS3554.E472 G6 1990
Followed by The Gate House

The Gold Coast is a 1990 novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. It introduces DeMille’s recurring character, John Sutter. The Gate House is the sequel to The Gold Coast.


Welcome to the Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America. Here two men are destined for an explosive collision: John Sutter, Wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy; and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the staid and unprepared Gold Coast like a latter-day barbarian chief and draws Sutter and his regally beautiful wife, Susan, into his violent world. Told from Sutter's sardonic - and often hilarious - point of view, and laced with sexual passion and suspense, The Gold Coast is Nelson DeMille's captivating story of friendship and seduction, love and betrayal.[1]

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