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The Gomers are a Madison, Wisconsin-based comedy rock, experimental music, and progressive rock band. Former Madison mayors Dave Cieslewicz and Sue Baumann both proclaimed February 1 as "Gomer Day"[1][2] in Madison. Their name was taken from Gomer Pyle.


In April 2006, Maximum Ink[3] noted the "longevity, durability, or diversity" of the band, and the mayoral Gomer Day Proclamation.[4]

Madison Magazine did a film feature in 2006 of karaoke in Madison, and documented the Gomers' 'Gomeroke'[5] live karaoke show.

The group got its start playing weekly at Madison's popular but ill-fated Club De Wash, and currently plays eight times or more monthly with its live band karaoke show, 'Gomeroke', at the High Noon Saloon.[6]

The group also spawned the internationally notable Zombeatles.


The Gomers have won several Madison Area Music Awards: 2006 Unique Artist, 2006 Unique Song, 2005 and 2007 Best Cover Band, 2008 Unique Album and Unique Artist.[7] The reader poll of Madison weekly newspaper, The Isthmus has awarded them "Madison's Favorite Cover Band" and "Madison's Favorite Dance Band" from 2000-2009.[8]

Guest stars[edit]

The Gomers played with Les Paul at his Wisconsin Foundation for School Music Lifetime Achievement Award dinner, on October 27, 2004.[9]




  • "Joey Saturn & Bob Uranus - Like the Planet" (Adler/Blumfumgagnge, ASCAP/BMI 1992)


  • Comin' Atchya (US, 1988)
  • Basement Tape (US, 1991
  • Sofa King Good (US, 1999)
  • Live Gome Boot (US, 2001)
  • Live at The Witz End (US, 2002)
  • Salt & Sugar (US, 2003)
  • Basement Tape CD (US, 2005)
  • Mike Zirkel The Album CD (with Adrian Belew & Robert Fripp) (US, 2008)
  • Meat The Zombeatles (US, 2009)


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