The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly

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The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 30, 2006
GenreIndie pop
LabelFuzzy Logic Recordings
ProducerDan Bryk
The Bicycles chronology
As Is
The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly
Oh No, It's Love
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars link

The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly is the debut album by Canadian pop band The Bicycles. Randy Lee left the band following the release to join The Hylozoists.

Despite playing together as a band for nearly five years, the band's debut wasn't released until spring 2006. The album was partially produced by Dan Bryk and partially by The Bicycles themselves. The album was mixed by José Miguel Contreras of By Divine Right.

"Cuddly Toy" is a cover of a Harry Nilsson-penned song originally recorded by The Monkees. "The Defeat" was inspired a song entitled "The Victory" by The Meligrove Band.[1]

Music videos were shot for "Paris Be Mine", "Gotta Get Out", and "Homework".

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Matt Beckett except where noted.

  1. "B-B-Bicycles" – 2:07
    • Lead vocals: Matt Beckett & Drew Smith
  2. "Australia" – 3:02
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  3. "I Will Appear for You" – 3:10
    • Lead vocals: Beckett & Smith
  4. "Gotta Get Out" (Smith) – 2:01
    • Lead vocals: Smith
  5. "I Know We Have to Be Apart" (Smith) – 2:42
    • Lead vocals: Dana Snell
  6. "Ghost Town" (Smith) – 3:52
    • Lead vocals: Smith
  7. "Longjohns and Toques" – 1:47
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  8. "The Defeat" (Beckett, Smith, Snell, Andrew Scott, Randy Lee) – 1:25
  9. "Luck of Love" – 2:07
    • Lead vocals: Scott
  10. "Paris Be Mine" – 1:49
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  11. "Cuddly Toy" (Harry Nilsson) – 2:45
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  12. "Randy's Song" (Smith) – 1:32
    • Lead vocals: Lee
  13. "Please Don't Go" – 2:09
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  14. "Sure Was Great" (Smith, Scott) – 1:35
    • Lead vocals: Smith
  15. "Homework" – 3:36
    • Lead vocals: Beckett
  16. "Pomp and Circumstance" (Beckett, Smith, Snell, Scott, Lee) – 0:08
  17. "Two Girls from Montreal" (Beckett, Smith) – 2:58
    • Lead vocals: Beckett


The Bicycles are:

  • Matt Beckett
  • Drew Smith
  • Dana Snell
  • Randy Lee
  • Andrew Scott


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