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The Good Book Company
Founded 1991
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location Epsom, Surrey, England
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Christianity
Official website

The Good Book Company (TGBC) is an evangelical Christian publisher, located in Epsom, Surrey, England.[1] They are structured as a large unquoted, private company, limited by share capital.[2] Their practices include publishing, mission outreach and training.


TGBC began in 1991 under the name St. Matthias Press UK,[3] in response to what TGBC saw as a "resurgence of Bible-based reformed evangelicalism in the UK." [4] Their name was later changed to The Good Book Company in 2000.[5] TGBC now supplies books, along with Bible study notes, to multiple countries including that of the UK, US, Australia and the developing world.



TGBC writes and publishes Bible studies, training and evangelism resources, including Bible reading notes, youth materials and the Christianity Explored range. They distribute in the UK for the Australian evangelical, reformed publisher Matthias Media. They co-publish The Briefing magazine in association with Matthias Media, with whom they have been associated since their start.[6] (As noted above, TGBC was originally called St. Matthias Press UK, while Matthias Media in Australia was called St. Matthias Press and Tapes).[7] They also promote and distribute a number of imprints of other publishers, including Intervarsity-Press UK, Good News Crossway, Evangelical Press, Christian Focus[8] and Anglican Youthworks.

Mission Outreach[edit]

As part of the not for profit side of their activities, TGBC provides basic sermon outlines on a number of Bible books, named the Pray Prepare Preach (PPP) series. The Forum of Bible Agencies International states that this is because some pastors and teachers in third-world countries have little Bible training and few resources in their own language.[9]

Aside from direct sales from TGBC, distribution to third-world countries includes:[10]

  • UK mission organisations that send out literature to pastors.
  • Organisations and individuals that organise preaching seminars.
  • Overseas organisations which distribute literature in their own country.

Conferences and Training Events[edit]

TGBC is part of a conservative group (along with London City Mission, All Souls Langham Place and Oak Hill College) that organises the annual Evangelists' Conference.[11] TGBC is also involved in the annual London and Northern Men's and Women's Conferences (and publishes the talks, seminars and handbooks from those conferences)[12] for local church ministry. They run training events for Youth and Children's work in the UK and Northern Ireland. TGBC co-hosted the Urban Plant Life Conference in November 2008.[13]

The Good Book College and the Moore College Extension Course[edit]

In 1999, TGBC began administering Moore Theological College extension courses in the UK - an established distance learning course from Sydney, Australia. The Open Bible Institute states that this was consistent with TGBC's desire to build on the training events it had been running.[14] The Open Bible Institute was renamed The Good Book College in 2012.

Over the next five years, enrolments in the Moore College course grew to just under 1,000 students. TGBC set up the Open Bible Institute in 2005/2006, as a distance learning college that could accommodate students of varying levels of competency. The Good Book College now offers validated courses to Cert HE level as a UK Academic Partner of Middlesex University[15] and handles Moore College enrolments for students in the UK, Europe and Africa,[16] including students of the Bible Training Partnership.[17]

Overseas Distributors[edit]

The TGBC USA website began in February 2009,[18] in conjunction with the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference. TGBC exhibits at large North American evangelical, reformed conferences, such as Together For the Gospel and Desiring God Pastor’s Conference.[19] The company now maintains a permanent office based in Purcellville, VA, and employs two full-time staff as of 2013. Trade distribution is performed in Australia by Reformers Bookshop,[20] who also perform order-fulfilment for the TGBC Australian website.[21] In November, 2015, Canadian distribution was announced through David C. Cook in that country.

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