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The Google

The Google Book is an illustrated book of children's verse by Vincent Cartwright Vickers. Originally published in 1913 by J. & E. Bumpus, Limited, London, at Vickers' expense in a limited edition of 100 copies, it was later issued in a trade edition by the Medici Society in London in 1931.[1] It was republished by Oxford University Press in 1979.[2] The coincidence of the name being the same as the corporation has stimulated comment.[3]

The book has surrealist illustrations of various imaginary birds, such as the Poggle and the Swank, alongside short poems about them. The Google of the title is a strange creature that lives in a pool in a beautiful garden and at night prowls the land where the birds live.

Vincent Cartwright Vickers, whose extended family owned Vickers Limited, was an economist,[4] a humorist and an artist. He wrote and illustrated The Google Book while serving as a governor of the Bank of England.[5]


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