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The Gospel Magazine
cover image showing a village church tower
May–June 2014 cover showing Blagdon Parish Church
EditorEdward J. Malcolm
Year founded1766

The Gospel Magazine is a Calvinist, evangelical Christian magazine from the United Kingdom, and is one of the longest running of such periodicals, having been founded in 1766. Most of the editors have been Anglicans. It is currently published bi-monthly.

A number of well-known hymns, including Augustus Montague Toplady's Rock of Ages, first appeared in the Gospel Magazine. Toplady, sponsored by Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, used the magazine to attack John Wesley.[1] Other contributors included John Newton, the organist William Shrubsole (1760–1806), the hymn writer Daniel Turner (1710–98) and (at a later date) the particular Baptist minister John Andrew Jones (1779–1868).[2]

The Gospel Magazine Trust is currently working to scan their extant copies—going back 240 years—and upload them onto the website.[3]

List of editors[edit]

Some time between 1783 and 1796 the Gospel Magazine was suspended for a period, and a magazine called the New Spiritual Magazine was produced.[4]


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