The Gospel of Filth

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The Gospel of Filth
Gospel of Filth.jpg
AuthorGavin Baddeley & Dani Filth
Cover artistStu Williamson
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectCradle of Filth and its influences
PublisherFAB Press
Publication date
March 2010
Media typePrint (Paperback)

The Gospel of Filth (also known with its extended titles: The Gospel of Filth: A Black Metal Bible and The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence & Darkness) is a book by Dani Filth and Gavin Baddeley, documenting the history of the band Cradle of Filth and straying further afield to explore their influences and "lay bare the fascinating underworld of contemporary culture".


According to the advance press release, the book

dissects the Satanic sources that have influenced and informed Cradle of Filth, with a roadmap to every significant landmark in the domains of darkness, including the arcane secrets of black magic, via the sex rites of vampirism. Artfully combining Hammer horror style schlock, dripping with eroticism, backed by authentic black arts info and a wicked sense of humour, this will dazzle devoted disciples of darkness. Contributors include actor Christopher Lee, Satanist Anton LaVey, serial killer expert Robert Ressler, author Clive Barker and necrophile Karen Greenlee.

The chapters as revealed so far are: "Esoteric England"; "The Black Arts"; "The Femme Fatale"; "Dark Fairy Tales"; "Gothic Romanticism"; "The Mythology of Murder"; "Horror Film and Fiction"; "Deviance and Desire"; "Demonic Doctrines" and "Oblivion".

Dani Filth:

Each chapter, while loosely based around the band, our ideals and aesthetics, explores the ideas behind an album we've done. It's thoroughly researched and mostly written by Gavin Baddeley, a reverend in the Church of Satan. It's morbid but retains a level of tomfoolery; you can read it and chuckle.[1]

Dani Filth in an interview with BW & BK magazine conducted in November 2007 had this to say about The Gospel of Filth:

It is totally finished, apart from my chapter. The rest of it is with the publisher at the moment. We’re hoping for an Easter release. The Gospel Of Filth has grown in enormous proportion. When I was going through it, making some amendments to some chapters, I couldn’t believe how in-depth it is! Not only is Gavin Baddeley an occult historian (and an ordained Reverend in the Church of Satan), it’s supplemented by a vast number of contributors: musicians, artists, occultists. There’s a slight dark humour in there as well so it doesn’t all disappear up its own ass. Lavish photos throughout; it’s going to be monumental. The special edition, which I’m doing, is going to be leather-bound and hand signed, with the additional chapter about mishaps on the road.

Three editions have been made for this book:

- embossed 'bible binding' Order Of the Dragon special edition (ISBN 978-1-903254-38-7)

released on November 21, 2009 (although could only be purchased until midnight of Halloween).

Limited to 1150 numbered copies. Exclusively available through Cradle of Filth webshop.

- hardback limited edition (also known as blue edition) (ISBN 978-1-903254-50-9)

released on February 5, 2010.[2]

- trade paperback edition (also known as red edition) (ISBN 978-1-903254-51-6)

released on March 8, 2010.[3]

The special edition and limited edition have extra 32 pages and 44 exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs.

The special edition has been released with the title The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence & Darkness.

The limited edition and trade edition have been released with the title The Gospel of Filth: A Black Metal Bible.