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This article is about the Canadian rock group. For the administrative body, see Government.
The Government
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres New wave, art punk
Years active 1979 – 1981
Associated acts Parachute Club
Past members Andrew J. Paterson
Robert Stewart
Jeremiah Chechik
Ed Boyd
Billy Bryans

The Government was a Canadian new wave and art punk band formed in 1979 in Toronto.

The band broke up in 1981.



  • 1979 "Hemingway (Hated Disco Music)" / "I Only Drive My Car At Night" - (independent)
  • 1979 The 3313 EP - "Flat Tire" / "Zippers Of Fire" / "Get You Sleepin'" / "Sponge (Modern World)" - (SMW-1)


  • 1979 Electric Eye (original soundtrack) (Voicespondence/Trend)[1]
  • 1980 Guest List (Jackal/Modern World/Trend) WOW-713
  • 1981 How Many Fingers//Plaza Del Pimps/Portrait/Paranoid Downtown Funk Pt.2 (Government) GOV-581


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