The Graceful Fallen Mango

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The Graceful Fallen Mango
The Graceful Fallen Mango.jpg
Studio album by Dave Longstreth
Released August 13, 2002[1]
Recorded 2001
Genre Indie rock
Length 52:38
Label This Heart Plays Records
Producer Dave Longstreth
Dave Longstreth chronology
The Graceful Fallen Mango
The Glad Fact
(2003)The Glad Fact2003

The Graceful Fallen Mango is an album by Dave Longstreth. The album is a collection of tunes recorded in Longstreth's bedroom on a 4-track machine and in his brother's basement on a computer. Dave Longstreth plays everything on the album save for some back-up vocals on two tracks, which were sung by his brother Jake and a person only identified as Steve in the liner notes. Musically, the songs range from straightforward acoustic tunes, to hard rock songs and experimental instrumentals. A small discrepancy in the title of the album exists, since the graceful-fallen mango is written on one side of the CD's spine and THE GRACEFUL FALLEN MANGO is written on the other. Western Vinyl shows the title as the latter, following normal capitalization rules.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Spring Is Here" 4:12
2. "Follow Me Not If You Still Care" 5:37
3. "Easily Resigned" 3:46
4. "I Don't Know" 4:38
5. "Lay Down Restless Bones" 3:52
6. "Constellation That's Mine" 3:07
7. "Time for Bed" 1:24
8. "She Turns to Ash" 5:37
9. "What If I" 1:43
10. "The Graceful Fallen Mango" 1:05
11. "Maggie and Me" 2:44
12. "Everything Will Happen" 4:14
13. "We Are Striving" 3:28
14. "Yield; Be Held (Aloft)" 1:57
15. "At the End of the Day" 5:14


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