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The Grange School is a private co-ed school in La Reina, Santiago, Chile with an enrollment of about 1.800 and over 300 employees. It is known for a very strong sports program in addition to high academic standards. It was founded June 4, 1928, by John A.S. Jackson —an Anglo-Chilean born in Valparaíso and educated at Cambridge University. Part of his founding philosophy was to apply the concepts of "fair play", "Spirit of service" and the notion of an "all-rounder" person. Its logo has a gryphon as centerpiece, and there is a very representative Latin phrase that says 'Nunquam-Non-Paratus' translated as never unprepared or always ready.

In 2006, the British Guardian newspaper listed it as one of the best UK-curriculum international schools in the world.[1]

In membership of:

- The Independent Association of Prep Schools

- The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference

- The Latin American Heads Conference

- The Association of British Schools in Chile


Sports form an integral part of The Grange program and are given a very high priority. Boys and girls are separated in sports and do not normally compete with each other. Girls have volleyball and field hockey while boys practice rugby and football (soccer). The only sports they have in common are track and field competitions at the end of year. During weekends there are friendly matches between schools that can take part in different educational establishments to encourage friendship and competition between schools.

The Grange divides their pupils and teachers into 4 different colours:

-Dark Grey

-Dark Blue

-Light Grey

-Light Blue


  1. ^ A guide to schools abroad that offer a British curriculum, Education Guardian, December 12, 2006

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