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Grantville Gazette
AuthorEric Flint
Series1632 series
GenreAlternate History, Anthology
PublisherBaen Books
Publication date
Semi-periodic, and Periodic (bi-monthly)
Various dates from
February 2003 and
from 2004
(in print as books)
Media typee-zine and ebook
Paperback and hardcover
PagesGrantville Gazette I,
361 pp (first edition)
Preceded byRing of Fire (anthology) 
Followed byGrantville Gazette II

The Grantville Gazettes are anthologies of short stories set in the 1632 universe introduced in Eric Flint's novel 1632.

The Gazettes started as an experiment: a professionally edited, officially sanctioned "fan magazine" published electronically. Initially released as serialized e-magazines, they were later published as e-books (taking a page from the Baen Books experience with E-ARCs—Electronic Advance Reader Copies, which had been instituted several years earlier.) Because the electronic sales were successful, Baen contracted with Flint for more issues, to be published 3-4 times per year (bimonthly, starting in 2007[1]). Each would form part of the canonical background for the other works (novels and anthologies) in the rapidly growing 1632 series.

As of mid-2012, e-magazines are published bimonthly, and six books have been published (five of those as both hardcover and mass market paperback) excerpted from the first 17 issues of the magazine. A seventh book is promised.[1][2]


Separating 1632-verse history from the internet web fora at Baen Books web site Baen's Bar is impossible, for the forum has shaped the series, as the series has, in part, shaped the forum. Only the Honorverse web forums of best selling author David Weber have been busier than the eventual three special fora set up for 1632-verse topics since 2000, and according to Flint, by 2005 over two hundred-thousand posts had been made on the '1632 Tech' forum alone. Hence, while fan fiction, the Gazettes from the outset differed in important ways from most fan fiction:

  1. Flint himself had sought out and accepted ideas and input from fans when beginning the writing of the lead novel 1632. Some of those discussions became back plot for the series, and some were submitted to him as stories.
  2. Flint, caught unaware and unprepared by the demand for a sequel, decided to open up the universe and invite other established authors to help shape the milieu. With all the internet buzz, and having already sought and gotten months of input from the new 1632verse business-only forum "1632 Tech Manual", he and Baen agreed to include meritorious fan fiction in the collection envisioned. That anthology became Ring of Fire, but was delayed for business reasons—sound marketing. David Weber and Flint had threshed out a backplot and agreed to do a 1632 sequel as a novel, and it built upon and integrated the thoughts submitted for Ring of Fire. Jim Baen sat on Ring of Fire, as anthologies in today's fiction market generally don't sell well, and a series with an anthology as its second work was new ground.
  3. It was professionally edited and produced by experienced persons in the publishing industry, and Flint as gate-keeper for the series canon was unhesitant in turning back poor writing for rewrite or just rejecting same.
  4. If accepted and published, the story background and back plot thereafter was canon for the universe—if material was published in a Gazette, it became part of the basis of the series thereafter.

Issued initially as an electronic quasi-magazine using the publisher's e-ARC distribution system, the original magazine came out only sporadically—as Flint and Baen copy editors had time to put early issues together. By the time of the seventh issue in June 2006, three years from the first volume, having proved to be a self-funding success, the publication changed. Along the way, Jim Baen had agreed to try another experiment, and brought out volume 1 in print as a paperback. In March 2006 Baen published volume 2 in hardcover, which became a New York Times best seller.

No longer were issues serialized in three installments, the form of the promotional Baen Webscriptions value packs, but began coming out as a single ebook at a much greater regularity. By volume 10, the magazine had hit a regular publication rate of one issue every other month released the first day of odd numbered months, and migrated from being an offering within Baen's catalog of offerings (where they are still listed as ebooks) to having a subscription system administered and accessed from its own website. It is particularly notable[citation needed] in that is composed of short fiction which has spawned no less than three best sellers in an age when the market for short fiction (anthologies) is very poor. In addition, the Grantville Gazettes have served as the source of new ideas and relationships which energize the popular series and find their way into the novels of the 1632 series.

Beginning in early 2007, the Gazette's publishers added an on-line web based edition published quarterly (eventually bimonthly). Additionally, the publishers switched to paying full professional rates instead of the semi-pro rates that had been paid and became an SFWA qualifying market.[3] After the first four volumes, the published book became a "Best of" annual collection.

The Anthology Authors Process[edit]

The various authors featured in the Gazettes are part of Flint's online experiment (Phase II) in developing a milieu with input from many others on the webforum Baen's Bar. The 1632 Tech Manual (oldstyle: '1632 Tech') sub-section of the Bar focuses on reproducing modern technology in the 17th century. The 1632 Slushpile forum is where authors first submit to a tough peer review process. Once critical readers have deemed the nascent story worthy, the work passes to an editorial board, which also considers how the work will fit into and impact the milieu as currently planned out and plotted. Some stories have thus served as the genesis of their own 1632 universe sub-series or plot thread. This is chaired by Eric Flint, who retains veto power over all work in the 1632 verse, and Eric then decides in which issue or volume of the Gazette the story should be allocated. Authors get paid a sub-professional rate upon the acceptance of the work, and additional financial remuneration and considerations when the anthology reaches print at a later time.

The Gazettes thus contain short stories based in the world of Flint's 1632 series, as well as articles about the restrictions on technology available in the time-stranded town and the plausibility of items and redeveloped technology within the milieu of the 1632 multiverse. The latter essays are written by members based on findings and results from a more formal subset of contributor-advisors known as the 1632 Technical board. Part of this group also sits on the 1632 Editorial Board.

Importance of the Gazettes[edit]

The impact of individual stories submitted for inclusion into the Grantville Gazettes will likely never be truly known, because even the bad or 'unaccepted' ones have shaped ideas, the action, commentary, and thought on the web-forums 1632 Tech and 1632 Comments. Even those that fail to meet the final test of espousing 'canon' developments in the neohistory have influenced later written works, including those by Flint, who is the final determiner as the sole person involved in each work in the milieu of what is acceptable canon, and who has acknowledged a debt to all such submissions and discussions. Considered one way, each story written has the ability of setting a new Point of divergence, affecting various storylines. Several fan-written stories have suggested major plotlines, even before the concept of the Grantville Gazettes eMagazine experiment was approved by Jim Baen. Those stories were published alongside established writers in the Ring of Fire, and according to Flint, affected other main plotlines like 1634: The Ram Rebellion.

Other Gazette stories have filled in important gaps in terms of economics, sociology, and technology: "The Sewing Circle" deals with four precocious teen friends and their stubborn insistence on making adult contributions. When they succeed, they establish a model for uptimers starting downtime businesses, setting an example that ripples through Grantville. In the sequel, "Other People's Money", they shake up the European stock markets, and not inconsequentially, interest the downtime populace in learning more about investing and uptime financial knowledge. Sociologically, their success doomed tailoring guilds, and spawned down-timer publication of popular fiction, inculcating up-timer sociology et cetera via modern novels, especially perhaps, Romance novels. Apparently even downtimers like their soaps! "A Lineman for the Country" along with a couple of other short stories created the forthcoming important Eastern European thread , and so on.

Flint has stated that he intends that short stories featuring major characters, or establishing points that will be important in future novels will be collected into the Ring of Fire anthologies, and that The Grantville Gazettes anthologies will feature the stories of characters that don't establish new background for the novels. However, many of the characters or events become more important in retrospect than either the author or editor expected, so this rule is fairly weak, as shown in the Other People's Money example.

On another level entirely, the gazette stories are just stories. Since they tend to focus on the ground-level interactions of their protagonists, and those characters tend to repeat, not only in subsequent stories by the same author, but in stories by others, Flint has characterized them in part as soap-operas in the preface to Grantville Gazette IV.

Print publication[edit]

Starting in November 2004, the first Gazette was also released experimentally in a paper edition with issue I as a paperback. The second volume was released in hardcover in March 2006, this and subsequent titles use Roman Numerals for titles such as are listed below in the section List of Gazettes, as appear on the print publication covers.

Each print edition contains an additional story that was not published in any e-magazine. Starting with volume V, each print edition contains stories from several of the magazines, and not all magazine stories are published in the books. The List of Gazettes section below gives the publication dates and a rough guide to which magazines are collected into particular books.

Print title Publication date ISBN e-Vols covered Additional Flint story
Grantville Gazette I November 2004[4] 0-7434-8860-1 Whole issue 1 Portraits
Grantville Gazette II March 2006[5] 1-4165-2051-1 Whole issue 2 Steps In The Dance
Grantville Gazette III January 2007[6] 1-4165-0941-0 Whole issue 3 Postage Due
Grantville Gazette IV June 2008[7] 1-4165-5554-4 Whole issue 4 The Anatomy Lesson
Grantville Gazette V August 2009[8] 1-4391-3279-8 From issues 5–10 Steady Girl
Grantville Gazette VI January 2012[9] 1-4516-3853-1 From issues 11–19 The Masque
Grantville Gazette VII April 2015[10] 9781476780290 From issues 20–30 An Aukward Situation
Grantville Gazette VIII June 2018[11] 9781481483292 From issues 31–45 Descartes Before the Whores

Overall literary criticism and reception of the printed versions[edit]

Sales of the printed versions of the Grantville Gazette I[12][13] and Grantville Gazette II[14] were high enough to have these issues listed on the Locus (magazine) Bestsellers Lists with Volume I topping at number 9 in 2005 for Paperbacks and Volume II at 10 in 2006 for Hardcovers respectively.

Overall, most reviewers wrote favorable reviews[15][16] while only a small number were negative.[17] Roland Green of Booklist wrote that "Flint’s 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians."[18]

Reception of printed volumes that do not have their own page yet[edit]

Grantville Gazette IV[edit]

The reviewer for Observe and See wrote that the printed version of the Grantville Gazette IV is "It is every bit as enjoyable as the other editions" and reviewed each story in this edition.[19] The reviewer for The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf wrote extensive individual reviews for each of the included stories.[20] The reviewer also noted that one of the stories from the Gazette was a part of the backstory of one of the novels that she had previously reviewed.

Grantville Gazette V[edit]

The reviewer for Booklist wrote that the printed edition of the Grantville Gazette V "add[s] dimensions to Flint’s singular alternate-history creation."[21] The reviewer for The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf wrote individual reviews for each of the included stories.[22] Most were positive, however she did warn the reader that at least one story could be incomprehensible unless the reader have already read most of the books in the series.

Grantville Gazette VI[edit]

Bill Lawhorn of SFRevu reviewed the printed version of Grantville Gazette VI and wrote that "This is another great collection for fans of the Ring of Fire series. There is a little something for everyone, history, mystery and adventure."[23] The reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review wrote that "all of the stories are well-written and peopled with fascinating characters."[24] The reviewer for the Library Journal also gave a positive review.[25]

Grantville Gazette VII[edit]

The reviewer for the SFRevu wrote that "The stories run quite a gamut. There are mysteries, action adventure, and little bit of rewritten history." Some of the stories are quirky and that "the characters have a sense of humor" while some of the other "stories aren't all humorous, they also deal with subjects related to inequality and opportunity. The reviewer also wrote that "Another really good part of the series, is the serious discussion of technology and how old technologies can be recreated until the equipment needed to build the modern technology is available." The reviewer also states that "The Gazette has been a pipeline for developing authors."[26] The reviewer for the Midwest Book Review wrote that the book "provides a lively set of vignettes and tales that juxtapose well with the primary books in the series and fill in many gaps with new stories and new information".[27]

The Ring of Fire Press[edit]

Many of the continuing serials have been republished as single volume collections by the publishers of the Gazette through their own Ring of Fire Press to make the material easier to access by its readers by not having its readers search through various Gazette back issues to access a previous episode of a particular serial.[28]

Short story awards[edit]

Starting in 2017, the Gazette began to offer an award for the best short story that was published during the previous calendar year as determined by its readers.[29]

Year Title Authors Issue
2016 The Winter Canvas: A Daniel Block Story[30] Meriah L. Crawford and Robert E. Waters 67
2017 The Long Road Home, Part 2[31] Nick Lorance 69
2018 Requiem For the Future[32] David Carrico 85

Free Access[edit]

Jim Baen believed in the promotional power of library access to books. In the very early days of the Web, he started releasing free e-book copies of many of the books in the company's back list at a website called the Baen Free Library.[33]

Additionally, sample CDs of e-books are bound into many Baen first edition hardcover books. Although the books on these CDs are often not included in the Baen Free Library, the publisher allows fan sites to put these CDs up on the web. The e-book version of the book version (thus containing each "extra" Flint novella) of the first five Grantville Gazettes, along with most of the novels in the series are on CD#23 available on The Fifth Imperium.

Jim Baen's Universe[edit]

Starting with magazine issue #19, another Baen magazine was merged into the Grantville Gazette. For the next ten issues, there was no change in the Gazettes beyond a dual title on the title page. In magazine issue #30, Eric Flint introduced the "Universe Annex" to the Grantville Gazette[34] featuring a story slot and columns from Jim Baen's Universe.

List of Gazettes[edit]

Start Date
01 2003-02 2003-04 I none 2004-11-01
02 2003-08 2003-10 II 2006-03 2007-10-01

03 2004-08 2004-10 III 2007-01 2008-05-20
04 2004-10 2005-04 IV 2008-06 2010-07-27

05 2005-07 2005-09 V 2009-08 2011-02-22

06 2006-01 2006-03
07 2006-02 2006-04
08 2006-06 2006-08
09 2006-09 2006-11

10 2006-11 2007-01
11 2007-01 2007-03
12 2007-03 2007-05 VI 2012-01-03 2012-11-27
13 2007-05 2007-07
14 2007-07 2007-09
15 2007-09 2007-11

16 2007-11 2008-01
17 2008-01 2008-03
18 2008-03 2008-05 VII (future)
19 2008-05 2008-07
20 2008-07 2008-09
21 2008-09 2008-11

22 2008 2009-03
23 2009 2009-05
24 2009 2009-07
25 2009-09
26 2009-11

27 2010-01
28 2010-03
29 2010-05
30 2010-07
31 2010-09
32 2010-11

33 2011-01
34 2011-03
35 2011-05
36 2011-07
37 2011-09
38 2011-11

39 2012-01
40 2012-03
41 2012-05
42 2012-07

List of Stories[edit]

In this table, Volumes of The Grantville Gazette electronic magazine are indicated by Arabic numerals in the title. Volumes of The Grantville Gazette published books are indicated by Roman numerals in the title.[35] Up to volume IV, each book contained the equivalent magazine content plus an additional story. After volume IV, each book contains stories from several magazines. Not all stories from the magazine are included in books, and each book still has an additional story that was not in the magazines.[35] Publication in the book version of the Grantville Gazette are indicated by GG and a Roman numeral in the "book" column. For simplicity, stories from the Ring of Fire anthology series are included in this same table and are indicated by ROF and a Roman numeral I, II, or III in the "book" column.

Title Author Series e-zine
Portraits Eric Flint Rubens (none) GG I 1633 (?)
Anna's Story Loren Jones 1 GG I 1631-05 1631-12
Curio and Relic Tom Van Natta 1 GG I 1631-05 1631-05
The Sewing Circle Gorg Huff OPM 1 GG I 1631-06 1631-12
The Rudolstadt Colloquy Virginia DeMarce Cavriani 1 GG I 1633-04

Radio in the 1632 Universe Rick Boatright 1 GG I non-fiction
They've Got Bread Mold,
So Why Can't They Make Penicillin?
Bob Gottlieb 1 GG I non-fiction
Horse Power Karen Bergstralh 1 GG I non-fiction

Steps In The Dance Eric Flint Rubens none GG II
Collateral Damage Mike Spehar 2 GG II Spring 1634
Euterpe, Episode 1 Enrico M. Toro Euterpe (Carissimi) 2 GG II 1633-06
The Company Men Christopher
James Weber
Donovan & North 2 GG II 1632
Just One Of Those Days Leonard Hollar 2 GG II 1631
God's Gifts Gorg Huff 2 GG II 1631-05 1632-04
Bottom-Feeders John Zeek 2 GG II
An Invisible War Danita Lee Ewing Leahy Medical Center 2&3 GG II 1633-06 1634-01

A quick and dirty treatise
on historical fencing
Enrico M. Toro 2 GG II non-fiction
So You Want To Do
In 1633?
Rick Boatright 2 GG II non-fiction
Mente Et Malleo:
Practical Mineralogy And
Minerals Exploration In 1632
Laura Runkle 2 GG II non-fiction
The Secret Book Of Zink Andrew Clark
(as Dr. Erasmus Faustus)
2 GG II non-fiction

Postage Due Eric Flint Rubens none GG III
Pastor Kastenmayer's Revenge Virginia DeMarce Kastenmayer's 3 GG III 1634-05 1635-04
The Sound of Music David Carrico Franz Sylwester 3 GG III 1632 1633-01
Other People's Money Gorg Huff OPM 3 GG III 1633
If the Demons Will Sleep Eva Musch 3 GG III 1633-05
Hobson's Choice Francis Turner 3 GG III 1632 1633
Hell Fighters Wood Hughes 3 GG III 1631 1632
Euterpe, Episode 2 Enrico M. Toro Euterpe (Carissimi) 3 GG III 1633-08

Iron Rick Boatright 3 GG III non-fiction
The Impact of Mechanization
on German Farms
Karen Bergstralh 3 GG III non-fiction
Firearms in the 1632 Universe Leonard Hollar
Bob Hollingsworth
Tom Van Natta
John Zeek
Flint's Lock
Firearms Roundtable
3 GG III non-fiction
Alchemical Distillation Andrew Clark
(as Dr. Erasmus Faustus)
3 GG III non-fiction

The Anatomy Lesson Eric Flint Elisabeth Stuart none GG IV 1636?
Poor Little Rich Girls Paula Goodlett
Gorg Huff
Barbie Consortium 4 GG IV
'Til We Meet Again Virginia DeMarce 4 GG IV
One Man's Junk Karen Bergstrahl Kudzu Werke 4 GG IV
Chip's Christmas Gift Russ Rittgers 4 GG IV
Dice's Drawings Dan Robinson 4 GG IV
The Class of '34 Kerryn Offord 4 GG IV 1934-06
Magdeburg Marines:
The Few and the Proud
Jose J. Clavell 4 GG IV 1633
Elizabeth Ernest Lutz
John Zeek
TacRail 4 GG IV
Heavy Metal Music or
Revolution in Three Flats
David Carrico Franz Sylwester 4 GG IV 1633-04

Drillers in Doublets Iver P. Cooper 4 GG IV non-fiction
How to Keep Your Old
John Deere Plowing:
Diesel Fuel Alternatives
for Grantville 1631–1639
Allen W. McDonnell 4 GG IV non-fiction
How to Build a Machine
Gun in 1634 with
Available Technology:
First View
Leonard Hollar
Tom Van Natta
John Zeek
Flint's Lock
Firearms Roundtable
4 GG IV non-fiction
How to Build a Machine
Gun in 1634 with
Available Technology:
Second View
Bob Hollingsworth Flint's Lock 4 GG IV non-fiction
A Looming Challenge Pam Poggiani 4 GG IV

Steady Girl Eric Flint Eddie Junker none GG V 1635-06 1635-08
Schwarza Falls Douglas W. Jones 5 GG V 1631-05
Recycling Philip Schillawski
John Rigby
6 GG V 1633 1633-07
Old Folks' Music Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
6 1633-07
Grantville is Different Russ Rittgers 6 1632-08
The Woman Shall
Not Wear That
Virginia DeMarce Kastenmeyer 6 1634-07 1634-12
Live Free Karen Bergstrahl 1635 6
Mightier than the Sword Jay Robison 6 1634
Got My Buck Barry C. Swift 8 GG V 1632
The Dalai Lama's
Electric Buddha
Victor Klimov 6 GG V
Canst Thou Send Lightnings Rick Boatright Smithson 7 GG V
Grantville's Greatest Philosopher? Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 7 GG V
The Painter's Gambit Iver P. Cooper Felix & Birgit 8 GG V 1633-10 1634-04
A Taste of Home Chris Racciato 6 GG V
Young Love Lost Jose J. Clavell NCIS 9 GG V
The Prepared Mind Kim Mackey 10 GG V
Capacity for Harm Richard Evans 8 GG V 1633
Little Angel Kerryn Offord 10 GG V 1634-01
None So Blind David Carrico NCIS 10 GG V 1636-01
On the Matter
of D'Artagnan
Bradley H. Sinor 10 GG V
A Filthy Story Aamund Breivik 10 GG V
The Treasure Hunters Karen Bergstrahl Michael Tyler 11 GG V 2000 1634 Fall
Bathing with Coal Russ Rittgers 11 GG V
Lessons in Astronomy Peter Hobson 11 GG V
Wish Book Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
11 GG V
O For A Muse of Fire Jay Robison 11 GG V
Pilgrimage of Grace Virginia DeMarce 11 GG V
Twenty-eight Men Mark Huston 10 GG V 1635-01

Breaking News Jay Robison Prudentia & Jabe 5 1632-08 1633-10
Ounces Of Prevention Kim Mackey Rubens/Infante/Essen 5
Burmashave Chris Racciato 5 1633-05 1633-11
Susan's Story Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff Velma Hardesty 5 1632-08
Of Masters And Men Karen Bergstralh Kudzu Werke 5 1631-11
Murphy's Law Virginia DeMarce 5 1634-07 1635-02
Suite For Four Hands David Carrico Sylwester 5 GG VI 1633-07
Euterpe Enrico M. Toro Euterpe 3 5 1633-10

In Vitro Veritas: Glassmaking After The Ring Of Fire Iver P. Cooper 5 non-fiction
Dyes And Mordants Lisa Satterlund 5 non-fiction
What Replaces the SRG? Leonard Hollar, Bob Hollingsworth, John Rigby, Phillip Schillawski, Tom Van Natta, John Zeek Flint's Lock
Firearms Roundtable
5 non-fiction
The Grantville Brickmaker's Primer Kerryn Offord 5 non-fiction

Federico and Ginger Iver P. Cooper 6
Old Folks' Music Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
6 1633-07
Calling Dr. Phil Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 1 6 1633
Dr. Phil's Amazing
Lightning Crystal
Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 2 6
Dr. Phil's Aeolian
Kerryn Offord
Dr. Phil 3 6

Exegesis and Interpretation
of Up-timer Printed Matter
Francis Turner 6 non-fiction
Bouncing Back: Bringing
Rubber to Grantville
Iver P. Cooper 6 non-fiction
On the Design, Construction
and Maintenance of
Wooden Aircraft
Jerry Hollombe
Mike Spehar
6 non-fiction
The Jews of 1632 Douglas W. Jones 6 non-fiction

Mule 'Round The World Virginia DeMarce Minnie H 7
Von Grantville Russ Rittgers Chad Jenkins 7 1632
Burgers, Fries, And Beer John and Patti Friend 7
Mama Mia, That's A
Good Pizza Pie!
Jon and Linda Sonnenleiter Misadventures of T & V 7 1634-10
Seasons Mark H. Huston 7 1631-05 1632-05
Not At All The Type Virginia DeMarce 7 1634-06
Dr. Phil's Amazing
Essence Of Fire Tablets
Kerryn Offord
Rick Boatright
Dr. Phil 7
Zinkens A Bundle Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 7
Crucibellus Kim Mackey Essen Chronicles 7

The Mechanical Reproduction
Of Sound: Developing A Recorded
Music Distribution Industry
Chris Penycate
Rick Boatright
7 non-fiction
Mass Media In The 1632 Universe Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
7 non-fiction
Railroading In Germany Carsten Edelberger 7 non-fiction
Harnessing The Iron Horse:
Railroad Locomotion In
The 1632 Universe
Iver P. Cooper 7 non-fiction

Into the Very Pit of Hell Douglas W. Jones Joseph Hanauer 1 8 1631-05
Not a Princess Bride Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 8
Dear Sir Chris Racciato 8
The Sons of St. John Jay Robison Celtic Church 8
Prince and Abbot Virginia DeMarce Wes & Clara Jenkins 8 1632-12
A Question of Faith Anette Pedersen Grunwald 8 1633-12
Flight 19 to Magdeburg Jose J. Clavell 1635 8
Rolling On Karen Bergstralh Kudzu Werke 8
Three Innocuous Words Russ Rittgers 8
Doctor Phil's Distraction Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil, Kastenmayer 8
Louis de Geer Kim Mackey Essen Steel 2 8
A Russian Noble Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
in the Kremlin 1
8 novel

Refrigeration and the
1632 World: Opportunities
and Challenges
Mark H. Huston q 8 non-fiction
New France in 1634 and
the Fate of North America
Michael Varhola 8 non-fiction
Aluminum: Will O' the Wisp? Iver P. Cooper 8 non-fiction

Mail Stop Virginia DeMarce 9 1633-03 1633-11
Those Daring Young Men Rick Boatright 9 1635
Those Daring Not So Young Men Rick Boatright 9
A Matter Of Taste Kerryn Offord 9 1634
Those Not So Daring Rick Boatright 9
Anna the Baptist Terry Howard 9 1634-12
Fly Like a Bird Loren Jones 9
Gearhead Mark H Huston 9
Water Wings Terry Howard 9
Under the Tuscan Son Iver Cooper 9 1633-11
Wings on the Mountain Terry Howard 9
Pocket Money John and Patti Friend 9
Moonraker Karen Bergstralh 9
The Minstrel Boy John Zeek TacRail 9 GG V 1634-02
Ultralight Sean Massey 9
Tool or Die Karen Bergstralh Kudzu Werke 9
If at First You Don't Succeed . . . Paula Goodlett 9
Waves of Change Paula Goodlett
Gorg Huff
Try, Try Again Paula Goodlett 9
Little Jammer Boys Kim Mackey 9
Safe at First Base Mark H Huston 9
The Order of the Foot Richard Evans 9 1634-10
Trip to Paris Kim Mackey Essen Chronicles 3 9
At the Cliff's Edge Iver P. Cooper Batman? 9
A 'Merican in Moscow Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Butterflies In
The Kremlin 2
9 novel 1633-04

Radio in 1632, Part 3 Rick Boatright Radio 9 non-fiction
The Sound of Mica Iver P. Cooper 9 non-fiction
A Tempest In a Baptistry Terry Howard 9 non-fiction
The Daily Beer Anette Pedersen 9 non-fiction
White Gold Kerryn Offord 9 non-fiction

Star Crossed Rainaldi 10
Lies, Truths and Consequences Jose J. Clavell Rainaldi, NCIS 10
The Salon Paula Goodlett
Gorg Huff
The Launcher Richard Evans 10 1634-04
Fiddling Stranger Russ Rittgers 10
Grand Tour Iver P. Cooper Hobbes 10
Franconia! Virginia DeMarce Franconia 1
Tom & Dick Quiney
Doctor Phil's Family Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 10
Boris, Natasha . . .
But Where's Bullwinkle
Butterflies in the Kremlin 3 10 novel

Crude Penicillin:
Potential and Limitations
Vincent W. Coljee 10 non-fiction
All Roads Lead. . . Iver P. Cooper 10 non-fiction
The Feast Anette Pedersen 10 non-fiction

Azrael's Bargain Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 11
Land of Ice and Sun Kim Mackey 11
A Gift of Blankets Kerryn Offord
Vincent Colje
11 1632-04 1632-08
Bootstrapping Kerryn Offord 11 1631-12
Trommler Records Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Barbie Consortium 11
Second Starts Iver P. Cooper Stretching Out 11 1632-05
Butterflies in the Kremlin 4 Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
Butterflies in the Kremlin 11 novel
Hither and Yon: Transportation
Modes, Costs and Infrastructure
in 1632 and after
Iver P. Cooper 11 non-fiction
Steam: Taming the Demon Kevin H. Evans 11 non-fiction
Adventures in Transportation:
An Examination of Drags, Carts,
Wagons and Carriages Available
in the 17th century
Karen Bergstralh 11 non-fiction

The Anaconda Project Eric Flint Anaconda 1 12
Birdwatching Garrett W. Vance Birdwatching 12 GG VI 1631-5 1633-5
The Monster Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
TEA 12 GG VI 1633 1635
One Step Toward the Clouds Sean Massey 12 1633-12
The Price of Dumplings Terry Howard dumplings 12
Thunder in the Mountains Richard Evans 12
Mrs. December, 1636 12 GG VI 1636-12
Cowspiracy Kerryn Offord 12 1633-01
Domestic Violence John Zeek 12
Through A Glass, Darkly David Carrico 12 1635-5
Letters From France Kerryn Offord 12
Amazon Adventure Iver P. Cooper Stretching Out 2 12

So You Want to Build the Internet:
IP Communications in 1633
Charles Prael 12 non-fiction
Grantville Police Department John Zeek 12 non-fiction
Flying the Virtual Skies:
A Brief History and 1632 Perspective
on Flight Simulation
Sean Massey 12 non-fiction
My Name is Legion:
Copying the Books of Grantville
Iver P. Cooper 12 non-fiction
Aircraft in the 1632 Universe Gorg Huff 12 non-fiction

The Anaconda Project 2 Eric Flint Anaconda 13
Protected Species Garrett W. Vance Birdwatching 13 1634-07
A Tinker's Progress Terry Howard John Bunyan 13 GG VI
Nothing's Ever Simple Virginia DeMarce 13 GG VI 1633-12 1634-10
The Ear of the Beholder Terry Martin 13
Out of a Job? Iver P. Cooper 13
The Truth According to Buddha Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 13
Sailing Upwind Kevin and Karen Evans Upwind 13 GG VI 1633-09 1635-09
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Doc Gorg Huff
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Tell Me What You Eat, and I'll Tell You Who You Are Anette Pedersen 16 non-fiction
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Seeing the Heavens Iver P. Cooper 16 non-fiction
Unintended Consequences: Dealing with the Population Density Explosion Walt Boyes 16 non-fiction

Y'all Come See Us Paula Goodlett Con Announcement 17 editorial
The Anaconda Project Eric Flint Anaconda 5 17
The Anaconda Project Eric Flint Anaconda 6 17
Bunny B. Goode Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett 17 GG VI
Silver Age Virginia DeMarce Velma 17 1635-03
Feng Shui for the Soul Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 17 GG VI 1633 1634
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The Steam Car Kevin H. Evans 17 non-fiction
Legal and Social Aspects Iver P. Cooper Safety First: Industrial Safety in 1632 #1 17 non-fiction
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Too Late for Sunday Michael Badillo 18 1633-12 1635-05
Dark as a Dungeon John Zeek 18
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The Bureaucrats are Revolting Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett Butterflies in the Kremlin 7 18
Riding the Tiger Iver P. Cooper Stretching Out 5 18 1634-07
Sonata 4 David Carrico Sonata 4 18 1634-04 1635-03

What's For Dinner: Typical Dishes From 1632 Anette Pedersen 18 non-fiction
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Mathematics After the Ring of Fire William Truderung 18 non-fiction
Technical Aspects Iver P. Cooper Safety First: Industrial Safety in 1632 #2 18 non-fiction

It's Getting Closer . . . Paula Goodlett Albacon 19 editorial
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The Creamed Madonna Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil 19 1635-08
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A Gentile in the Family? Terry Howard 19
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An Introduction to Concrete Iver P. Cooper Better Foundations 1 19 non-fiction
Plausibility Denial or
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Gorg Huff 19 non-fiction
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25 1634-05 1634-09
Drama II Virginia DeMarce Franconia! 3
Tom & Dick Quiney
25 1634-09 1634-10
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Kymi 25 1634-11 1637-04
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Inorganic Chemical Bestiary Iver P. Cooper Industrial Alchemy 2 25 non-fiction
Binding the Land With Steel Kevin H. Evans 25 non-fiction

Advice and Counsel Virginia DeMarce Mary Ellen Jones 26
Still Life with Wolves and Canvases Bradley H. Sinor & Tracy S. Morris Betsy Springer 26
Tortured Souls Thomas Richardson Pieter Freihofer 26 1634-05
The Vice President's Plane is Down Kerryn Offord Money Franchise 26 1635-03
Another Man's Treasure Terry Howard McAdams Mining 26
Which Way is Up? John F. Harvell 26 GG VII 1634-07 1635-03
Ya' Gets Yer Money and Ya' Gets Yer Choice Virginia DeMarce Tom & Dick Quiney 26
Prelude David Carrico Bach 26 1534-07

A Night with Venus Gus Kritikos STIs and Their Treatment in the 1630s 26 non-fiction
The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient: A very basic guide to the use of oxen Karen Bergstralh 26 non-fiction
Organic Chemistry Methods and Canonical Appearances Iver P. Cooper Industrial Alchemy 3 26 non-fiction
Time to Plan the Next Con Staff Con: NASFIC 26 column

Adagio David Carrico Bach 27 1634-08
The Truth About That Cat and Pup Virginia DeMarce 27 1635-01 1635-09
The Money Franchise Kerryn Offord Viktor
Money Franchise
27 1635-02 1635-07
McAdams' Blue Cheese Mine Terry Howard McAdams Mining 27 1635-08
Water Conservation Ray Christiansen 27 GG VII
No Ship for Tranquebar Kevin H. & Karen C. Evans Upwind 27 1635-10 1635-12

Organic Chemical Feedstocks and Product Timeline Iver P. Cooper Industrial Alchemy 4 27 non-fiction
What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate (Why the Ottomans aren't Talking to Up-timers) Panteleimon Roberts 27 non-fiction
Stallions vs. Geldings as War and Riding Horses Karen Bergstralh 27 non-fiction

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Fevers with Rashes Common Childhood Diseases in the 1630s 1 29 non-fiction

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Fr Nicholas Smithson
What the up-timers don't know that they know 11 30 non-fiction
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Time for ReConStruction Staff Con 30 column
Summerland Rentals R. J. Ortega 30 Universe
A Logic Named Clement (or Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal) Bud Webster Bio 30 non-fiction
Lost Worlds Kristine Kathryn Rusch Notes From The Buffer Zone 30 Column

Margarete's Rose James Copley Hans & Dorotee 31
Lion's Tower Iver P. Cooper London 31 1634-01
The Future Is Where You Started Terry Howard Kymi 31 1637-04
Storm Signals Jack Carroll Coast Guard 31 1636 1637
The Red Flag of Henneberg Virginia DeMarce 31 1635-04 1635-10
Me Fecit Solingen Nicht Kim Schoeffel Rand Group 31 1632-09 1633-09
Rotkäppchen Kerryn Offord 31 1633-08
Euterpe 4 Enrico Toro & David Carrico 31 1634-01 1634-12
Northwest Passage 6 Herbert & William Sakalaucks Northwest Passage 31 1634-04

Stitching the Country Together: Railroad System Technology in 1632 Iver P. Cooper 31 non-fiction
The Long Fall Jason K. Chapman 31 Universe
Changing Times Kristine Kathryn Rusch 31 Column

All Steamed Up Gorg Huff 32
Bibelgesellschaft Bjorn Hasseler BGS 32 GG VIII
A Marriage of Inconvenience Kerryn Offord 32 1634-01 1634-04
Requiem in Blue Nicholas Keyser 32 2000-01
The Baptist Basement Bar and Grill Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 32
Second Chance Bird 1 Garrett W. Vance Pam Miller 32 1635-04

Treasures of the Earth: Geophysical and Geochemical Prospecting Iver P. Cooper 32 non-fiction
Point Source Gorg Huff Economics 32 non-fiction
The Importance of Stories Kristine Kathryn Rusch 32 column

King of the Road John Zeek Suhl Truck Depot 33 1635-04
Transit James Copley Hans & Dorotee 33 GG VIII
Black Gold Jeff Corwith & Kerryn Offord 33 1634-02 1634-10
Fire and Brimstone Terry Howard Albert Underwood; Jimmy Dick 33 1636-07
Second Chance Bird 2 Garrett W. Vance Bird Lady 33 1635-05
Northwest Passage 7 Herbert Sakalaucks Northwest Passage 33 1634-01

A Visit to Wietze Kerryn Offord 33 non-fiction
Renaissance Boogie: Dancing in Early Modern Europe Iver P. Cooper 33 non-fiction
His Name in Lights Patty Jansen 33 Universe
The Walls Are Falling Down Kristine Kathryn Rusch 33 Univ Column
A Martian? Odd, I See (or A Taste of Milwaukee's Finest) Bud Webster Stanley G Weinbaum 33 Univ Bio

Portrait of Bees in Spring Bradley H. Sinor &
Tracy S. Morris
Betsy Springer 34
Going Home John Zeek Suhl Truck Depot 34
The Dragon Slayer Kerryn Offord Puss Trelli 34 1635-02
Warm Spit Virginia DeMarce 34 1634-09
Orlando Delivers Sarah Hays & Terry Howard HA Burston 34 GG VIII 1636-05 1637-05
Northwest Passage 8 Herbert Sakalaucks Northwest Passage 34 1834-05 1634-07
Sacrifice Garrett W. Vance Second Chance Bird 3 34

Locomotion: The Next Generation Iver P. Cooper 34 non-fiction
The Progression of Trauma Care and Surgery after the Ring of Fire 1 Gus Kritikos 34 non-fiction
That Old-Time Religion Kristine Kathryn Rusch 34 Univ Column
And it's . . . Dragon*Con! Staff Con 34 Column
How to Catch a Falling Star Stuart D. Gibbon 34 Universe

The Beckies Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett David Bartley 35
Fire and Ice Iver P. Cooper Janszoon 35
Solemn Duty David W. Dove 35
Boom Toys Kim Mackey 35 GG VIII
Dueling Philosophers Terry Howard Jimmy Dick 35 1635-09
Arrested Development Virginia DeMarce 35 1635-05
Saint George Does It Again! Kerryn Offord Puss Trelli 35 GG VIII 1735-06
Northwest Passage 9 Herbert Sakalaucks Northwest Passage 35 1634-03
Second Chance Bird 4 Garrett W. Vance Bird Lady 35

Untying the Wind Iver P. Cooper 35 non-fiction
The Progression of Trauma Care and Surgery after the Ring of Fire 2 Gus Kritikos 35 non-fiction

Influences Kristine Kathryn Rusch 35 Univ Column
The Medic Fox Mc Geever 35 Universe

Modern Medicine Kerryn Offord 36 1632 1635-06
As Ye Have Done It Unto One of the Least David W. Dove 36
Jacob's Ladder John Zeek 36 GG VIII
Credit Where It's Due Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett 36 1633-10
Pipe Line Terry Howard Kymi 36 1636
Aftermath Garrett W. Vance Second Chance Bird 5; Bird Lady 36
Equal Rights 1 Jack Carroll & Edith Wild Equal Rights 36 1631-06

Highways of the Sky Iver P. Cooper 36 non-fiction
A Trans-Atlantic Airship, Hurrah Kerryn Offord 36 non-fiction

The Future of The Field Kristine Kathryn Rusch 36 Univ Column
The Comfort of Your Wake J. F. Keeping 36 Universe

Blood in Erfurt Bjorn Hasseler 37
Dr. Phil for President Kerryn Offord Dr. Phil; Kastenmeyer;Prague 37 1634-01 1636-05
Dreams Can Come True . . . Terry Howard 37 1634-11 1636
Buddy David W. Dove 37 GG VIII 1987
The Society of Saint Philip of the Screwdriver Rick Boatright Smithson 37 GG VIII 1635-09
Equal Rights 2 Jack Carroll & Edith Wild 37
One Man's Junk is Another's Treasure Garrett W. Vance Second Chance Bird 6 37

Playing Nice in Someone Else’s Sandbox: An Examination of the 1632 Universe and the Grantville Gazette J. D. McCartney 37 non-fiction
Climate: The Little Ice Age After the Ring of Fire Iver P. Cooper 37 non-fiction

Geek Summer Kristine Kathryn Rusch 37 Univ Column
Strategic Deployment Thomas Allen Mays 37 Universe

The Game of War Robert E. Waters 38 1635-04
The Play's the Thing Bradley H. Sinor
& Tracy S. Morris
Betsy Springer 38
Paper Mate Kerryn Offord 38 1633-02
The Arrow Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett 38 GG VIII
Mitzi the Kid Kevin H. & Karen C. Evans 38 GG VIII 1634-06
The Lesser of the Two Evils Jack Carroll Kastenmayer 38
Aerial Donkeys Herbert Sakalaucks 38 GG VIII 1635-04
Letters Home, 1 and 2 Tim Roesch Leahy Medical 38 1635-03
Second Chance Bird 7 Garrett W. Vance Second Chance Bird 7 38

The White Plague Brad Banner 38 non-fiction
The New Royal Touch: Synthesis of Anti-TB Drugs Iver P. Cooper 38 non-fiction
Hydrogen: The Gas of Levity Iver P. Cooper 38 non-fiction

TMI Kristine Kathryn Rusch 38 Univ Column
City Slickers, Country Bumpkins, Ants, Robots and Mutants, Part 1 Bud Webster Clifford Simak 38 Univ Bio
For the Love of Sin Gary Cuba 38 Universe

In the Navy David Weber Navy - ROF I
To Dye For Mercedes Lackey Tom Stone - ROF I
A Lineman For the Country AT&L - ROF I
Between the Armies Andrew Dennis Mazarini - ROF I
Biting Time Virginia DeMarce Veronica Richter - ROF I
Power to the People Loren K. Jones - ROF I
A Matter of Consultation S.L. Viehl - ROF I
Family Faith Anette M. Pedersen - ROF I
When the Chips are Down Jonathan Cresswell
Scott Washburn
American Past Time Deann Allen and Mike Turner - ROF I
Skeletons Greg Donahue - ROF I
A Witch to Live Walt Boyes von Spee - ROF I
The Three R's Jody Dorsett - ROF I
Here Comes Santa Claus K.D. Wentworth Anaconda - ROF I
The Wallenstein Gambit Eric Flint Anaconda - ROF I

Horse Thieves Karen Bergstralh - ROF II
Second Issue? Bradley H. Sinor - ROF II
Diving Belle Gunnar Dahlin
Dave Freer
A Gift from the Duchess Virginia DeMarce - ROF II 1633-10 1634-10
Lucky at Cards Andrew Dennis Mazarini - ROF II
A Trip to Amsterdam Gorg Huff
Paula Goodlett
This'll Be the Day . . . Walt Boyes von Spee - ROF II
Command Performance David Carrico Franz Sylwester - ROF II 1633-10
Ellis Island Russ Rittgers - ROF II 1632-01
Malungu Seed Jonathan Cresswell-Jones - ROF II
Trials Jay Robison Gentileschi - ROF II
The Chase Iver P. Cooper Hobbes - ROF II 1633-07
Eddie and the
King's Daughter
K.D. Wentworth - ROF II
Second Thoughts Virginia DeMarce - ROF II
The Austro-Hungarian Connection Eric Flint - ROF II 1634-10 1634-12

Dye Another Day Mercedes Lackey - ROF III
Birds of a Feather Charles E. Gannon Irish Wild Geese - ROF III
Falser Messiah Tim Roesch - ROF III
Royal Dutch Airlines Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett TEA - ROF III
Milton’s Choice Mark Huston England - ROF III
To End the Evening Bradley H. Sinor D’Artagnan - ROF III
Cap and Gown Jack Carroll - ROF III
Taking of the City of Yerevan Panteleimon Roberts - ROF III
Frying Pan Anette Pedersen - ROF III 1634-10
All God’s Children in the Burning East Garrett W. Vance - ROF III
Do It Once and Do It Again Terry Howard Wietze oil field - ROF III 1634-10 1636-01
Les Ailes du Papillon Walter H. Hunt Iroquois - ROF III
And the Devil Will Drag You Under Walt Boyes - ROF III
Salonica Kim Mackey - ROF III 1635-04
The Sound of Sweet Strings: A Serenade in One Movement David Carrico - ROF III 1634-12
Stone Harvest Karen Bergstralh - ROF III 1635-05
An Eye Opener Kerryn Offord & Linda Davidson - ROF III
Make Mine Macramé Virginia DeMarce - ROF III 1634-11
Upward Mobility Charles E. Gannon - ROF III 1634-06
Four Days on the Danube Eric Flint - ROF III

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