The Gray Nun of Belgium

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The Gray Nun of Belgium
Directed by Francis Powers
Produced by Frank Joslyn Baum
P. Sumner Brown
Written by Frank Joslyn Baum
(or possibly L. Frank Baum)
Starring Catherine Countiss
Betty Pierce
David Proctor
Distributed by Alliance Films Corporation (announced)
Release dates
April 26, 1915 (1915-04-26) (announced)
Country United States
Language English (titles)

The Gray Nun of Belgium was a 1915 film announced for release on the Alliance Program by Dramatic Feature Films, Frank Joslyn Baum's short-lived successor to The Oz Film Manufacturing Company.

Despite the advertising in Motion Picture News announcing its release date, Katharine Rogers, in L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz, believes that Alliance found the film inferior and refused to distribute it. The exhibition copy, which may have been a work print, may have been the only copy ever struck. Baum himself thought that exchanges and exhibitors dismissed the film "rather arbitrarily" based on the Oz Company name.[1]

In the film, Betty Pierce played a Mother Superior who aided allied soldiers during the Great War.


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