The Great American Steak Religion

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The Great American Steak Religion
Founded 1994
Founder Yannick Lorrain
Genre Post-hardcore
Hardcore punk
Country of origin Canada

The Great American Steak Religion was a Canadian independent record label which released many notable hardcore records from the likes of Shotmaker, His Hero Is Gone, and Chokehold during the 1990s. Originally based in Ottawa at 5 Arlington Ave, founder Yannick Lorrain moved to Quebec City and then Montreal, taking the label with him. In 2004 the last release under this label was issued, the Union Of Uranus discography titled To This Bearer Of Truth. Many of the releases were issued only on vinyl and were etched with the word "Verse" and then a number, hence the tagging of each release as such.


Verse 1 Uranus/Immoral Squad Split 7" 1994

Verse 2 Reach Out - Wall Street 7"

Verse 3 Shotmaker - Crayon Club LP

Verse 4 Drift - Self-titled 7"

Verse 5 Union of Uranus - Disaster By Design 2x7"

Verse 6 Franklin - Roy Is Dead 7"

Verse 7 One Eyed God Prophecy - Toddler LP

Verse 8 Chokehold - Content with Dying LP

Verse 9 ?

Verse 10 Four Hundred Years - Suture LP

Verse 11 Young Pioneers - Crime Wave EP 10"

Verse 12 Hacksaw - Kick It 7"

Verse 13 His Hero Is Gone/Union Of Uranus - Split EP 12"

Verse 14 His Hero Is Gone - Fools Gold 7"

Verse 15 His Hero Is Gone - The Plot Sickenss: Enslavement Redefined

Verse 16 Mine - Tetanus CD or From Ashes Rise - Concrete and Steel LP

Verse 17 From Ashes Rise - Silence LP

Verse 18 Meanwhile, - The Show Must Go On 7"

Verse 19 Born Dead Icons - The Modern Plague 7"

Verse 20 Union Of Uranus - To The Bearer Of Truth CD

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