The Great Big British Quiz

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The Great Big British Quiz
Launched20 June 2005
Closed4 May 2007
Owned byPlay to Win TV
Availability at time of closure
Sky DigitalChannel 840

The Great Big British Quiz (TGBBQ), which ceased operating on 4 May 2007 was an interactive quiz based channel on which viewers where invited to phone in to solve puzzles in return for cash and prizes. It broadcast from studios in Battersea, London, England, it was usually seen on Sky Digital. Its mascot was a dog called Jack who barked each time a caller was selected and put through to the studio. TGBBQ was live every day and broadcast hours varied, from 09:00 to 01:00 in its heyday to 20:00 until 04:00 as the quiz TV boom came to an end. The channel at one time produced and presented shows for Five and Sci Fi Channel.The show was seen on channel 840 on Sky Digital and channel 770 on NTL. In May 2007. TGBBQ ended due to Play To Win TV entering liquidation and, In 2016 its rights were owned by ZeptoLab.



These games are played on The Great Big British Quiz:

  • Twizzle

Viewers count all the numbers for a chance to win cash prizes.

  • Snakeword

A nine-letter word appears on screen that snakes around a three by three grid.

  • Celebrity Spotter

An anagram of a celebrity's name appears on screen.

  • Movie Bluff/TV Bluff

Identify the anagrammed film or programme.

  • Stuck In The Middle

Viewers must identify the middle word that links with the first and third one.

  • Word Tower

Viewers call up to win cash prizes by playing on the word tower. Viewers must find multiple answers (e.g. films 'a').

Sci-Fi Quiz Zone[edit]

The Sci-Fi Quiz Zone was a separate programme but still went under the name of The Great Big British Quiz, being referred to as TGBBQ's production. It was based in the same studio as The Great Big British Quiz but used different effects and games. The music was the same and there was still Jack the dog as the mascot. It was broadcast at different times, usually starting between 12.50am and 1.40am, and always ending at 4.00am, on the same channel as TGBBQ as well as the Sci-Fi Channel. It does not air on Saturday mornings. (Friday nights). Zeptolab also owns the right to the programme.