The Great Derangement

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The Great Derangement
Author Amitav Ghosh
Country India
Language English
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Penguin Books
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback)
ISBN 9789386057433
Preceded by Incendiary Circumstances

The Great Derangement is a non-fiction book addressing climate change by Indian writer Amitav Ghosh published in 2016.[1]

The book is composed of three parts, Part I deals with the stories, Part II is History and Part III is titled Politics. [2] It examines our collective inability to spot the elephant in the room, namely "to grasp the scale and violence of the climate change".[3]

It is a call to writers, artists, politicians, economists, industrialists, scientists, and all people to awaken out of the derangement we are presently living with.- "that we need not be concerned with earth and our environment in our actions, pursuits and activities."

It highlights how complex the climate change scenario is and how it impacts people and nations. The book is a call to open our eyes; peer into the future. It shows how deranged we might be right now and how there is a greater need to project these into the collective imagination of people through literature, works of fiction, collective debates. [4][5]

In the end Ghosh gives a deconstruction of the Paris agreement and Laudato si' and call for collective action.



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