The Great Egg Race

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The Great Egg Race was a BBC television series that ran from 1979 to 1986[1] and featured Brian Cant (1979), Professor Heinz Wolff (originally head judge, later promoted to series presenter) and Lesley Judd, who joined the series in 1984. It was later revived on BBC Choice (now BBC Three) and was presented by Johnny Ball.

In a similar vein to the later Channel 4 series Scrapheap Challenge, the show featured teams creating Heath Robinson-esque mechanical creations in an attempt to solve a problem set at the start of the show. The series obtained its name from the initial challenge of making a device capable of transporting an egg the furthest possible distance without breaking it.[2]

The producers were Peter Bruce (12 episodes, 1979-80) and Charles Huff (10 episodes, 1983-86).


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