The Great History

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The Great History
Author Muhammad al-Bukhari
Original title al-Tārīkh al-Kabīr
Language Arabic
Genre Biographical evaluation
Published Da'rah al-Ma‘arif al- ‘Uthmaniyyah

The Great History (Arabic: التاريخ الكبير‎, translit. al-Tārīkh al-Kabīr‎) is a book by ninth-century Islamic scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari in the field of biographical evaluation.[1]


Bukhari authored this work when he was 18 years of age.[citation needed] He compiled the names and biographies of many of those who narrated hadith from the time of the Companions until his time. The total number of biographies included is close to 40 thousand, including both men and women, reliable and unreliable narrators. However, al-Hakim enumerated the weak narrators of that total number and they were not more than 126 individuals.[1]

Bukhari also authored two other books of history, al-Tarikh al-Awsat (The Medium History) and al-Tarikh al-Saghir (The Small History).[1]


Taj al-Subki[clarification needed] praised The Great History, describing it as a book without precedent, to which latter scholars on the subject of names and paidonymics are indebted.[1]


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