The Great Man Votes

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The Great Man Votes
Great Man Votes.jpg
theatrical poster
Directed by Garson Kanin
Produced by Cliff Reid
Screenplay by John Twist
Garson Kanin (uncredited)
Based on "The Great Man Votes" (short story) by Gordon Malherbe Hillman
Starring John Barrymore
Music by Roy Webb
Cinematography Russell Metty
Edited by Jack Hively
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • January 13, 1939 (1939-01-13) (US)
Running time
72 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $265,000[1]
Box office $432,000[1]

The Great Man Votes is a 1939 American drama film starring John Barrymore as a widowed professor turned drunkard who has the deciding vote in an election for mayor. It was based on the short story of the same name by Gordon Malherbe Hillman published in the November 1933 issue of American Magazine.[2] The plot of the 2008 movie Swing Vote has been compared to The Great Man Votes.[3]


Ivy League scholar Gregory Vance descends into an alcoholic abyss after the death of his wife. He ends up barely able to hold a job, and a night watchman's job at that.

Vance's two children, Joan and Donald, are exceptionally intelligent and benefit from his tutoring. But they are bullied at school by other students and their father risks losing custody of them if he cannot change his ways. New teacher Agnes Billow is able to help Vance become more like the man he used to be, particularly after a political bigwig tempts him ethically with a bribe of a better job in exchange for Vance's vote.



The film recorded a loss of $10,000.[1]


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