The Great Riviera Bank Robbery

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The Great Riviera Bank Robbery
Directed by Francis Megahy
Produced by Martin McKeand
Written by Francis Megahy
Bernie Cooper
Starring Ian McShane
Warren Clarke
Stephen Greif
Christopher Malcolm
Music by Stanley Myers
Cinematography Peter Jessop
Edited by Arthur Solomon
Distributed by Incorporated Television Company
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Running time
102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £364,000

The Great Riviera Bank Robbery, also known as Dirty Money and Sewers of Gold, is a 1979 British heist film written and directed by Francis Megahy and starring Ian McShane, Warren Clarke, Stephen Greif and Christopher Malcolm. In the film, based on a real incident in 1976, members of a neofascist group team up with professional criminals to rob the safe deposit vault of a bank in a French resort town.[1]


Bert and Jean are members of a right-wing nationalist organisation closely connected to the Organisation armée secrète. Both are ex-military, and now find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Nice, France. Needing to raise cash to buy arms, Bert, an ex-paratrooper known as 'The Brain', devises a plan to dig their way into a bank vault.

Needing criminal expertise, they persuade some local French gangsters to join them, in return for a cut of the haul. The gangsters' interest is purely mercenary while Bert is at pains to point out that his interest is political. After several nights spent digging through a wall in a sewer, they break their way into the deposit boxes, and try to make their getaway without being caught.


A French film based on the same events, Les Egouts du Paradis, directed by Jose Giovanni, was released the same year.

Media releases[edit]

The film was released on Region Two DVD in 2007.


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