The Great Smokey Roadblock

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The Great Smokey Roadblock
The Great Smokey Roadbock poster.jpg
theatrical poster
Directed by John Leone
Produced by Allan F. Bodoh
Written by John Leone
Starring Henry Fonda
Eileen Brennan
John Byner
Dub Taylor
Daina House
Music by Craig Safan
Cinematography Edward R. Brown
Edited by Corky Ehlers
Distributed by Dimension Pictures
Running time
104 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Great Smokey Roadblock is a 1977 comedy road film written and directed by John Leone.[1] It stars Henry Fonda,[1] Eileen Brennan, John Byner, Dub Taylor, and Daina House. The film is also known as The Goodbye Run and The Last of the Cowboys.


While in the hospital, 60-year-old truck driver Elegant John (Henry Fonda) gets his rig repossessed by the finance company. Deciding that it is time to make one last perfect cross-country run, he escapes from the hospital and steals back his truck. Doing a favor for an old friend, madam Penelope (Eileen Brennan), he picks up six prostitutes (Daina House, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Mayron, Leigh French, Mews Small, and Valerie Curtin) to bring them across the border. He heads off into the night with the police on his tail, and becomes a folk hero.



The Great Smokey Roadblock was filmed in 1974, but was held for release. Fonda had a number of illnesses during filming.[2]


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