The Greatest Baseball Game Never Played

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The Greatest Baseball Game Never Played was a 1982[1] simulated broadcast of a hypothetical baseball game between all-time Major League Baseball greats. The broadcast was aired on 200 radio stations[2] in the United States and Canada and also released as a record album.

The simulated game was announced by Jack Buck and Lindsey Nelson and set in Philadelphia's Shibe Park. Following the format of the All-Star Game,[3] it featured National League players against players from the American League. The National League won 5-4.[4]

Starting lineups[edit]


The Greatest Game Never Played documents the perception of who the greatest players were seventeen years before the selection of the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. All of the players in both starting lineups made the All-Century team except for American League shortstop Phil Rizzuto, as the 1980s saw the emergence of several all-time great shortstops: Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie Smith, and Robin Yount.


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