The Greatest Remixes Collection

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The Greatest Remixes Collection
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Remix album by
GenrePop, dance
ProducerSwain & Jolley, Stock Aiken & Waterman
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Greatest Hits Collection
The Greatest Remixes Collection
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The Greatest Remixes Collection is a compilation of Bananarama remixes released exclusively in Southeast Asia in 1990. At the time of the release, the only mix that had not been issued on CD was the Miami Mix of "I Heard a Rumour", although none of the mixes had ever been compiled on a Bananarama album. Subsequently some of the mixes have been available on easier to find Bananarama albums, such as The Very Best of Bananarama double CD or The Twelve Inches of Bananarama. The album has become very rare and expensive.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Cruel Summer '89" (Swing Beat Dub) – 5:20
    (S. Jolley/T. Swain/S. Dallin/S. Fahey/ K. Woodward)
    Remixed by Freddy Bastone
  2. "Megarama '89" (Full-Length Version) – 8:37
    Megamix and additional production by Alan Coulthard for DMC (UK)
  3. "Help!" (Extended Version) – 6:33
    (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
  4. "Love in the First Degree" (Jailers Mix) – 6:05
    (S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/ M. Aitken/P. Waterman)
  5. "I Heard a Rumour" (Miami Mix) – 7:10
    (S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/ M. Aitken/P. Waterman)
    Remixed by Phil Harding
  6. "I Want You Back" (Extended European Mix) – 7:58
    (S. Dallin/S. Fahey/K. Woodward/M. Stock/ M. Aitken/P. Waterman)
  7. "Nathan Jones" (Extended Version) – 5:13
    (K. Wakefield/L. Caston)
  8. "Love, Truth and Honesty" (Dance Hall Version) – 7:24
    (S. Dallin/J. O'Sullivan/K. Woodward/M. Stock/ M. Aitken/P. Waterman)
  9. "Venus" (The Greatest Remix) – 7:55
    (R. Van Leeuwen)
    Remixed by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow



Additional personnel

  • Grace Tsang – Album and artwork design