The Green Bird (soundtrack)

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The Green Bird
GreenBird-elliot goldenthal.jpg
Soundtrack album by Elliot Goldenthal
Released August 22, 2000
Genre Classical, Avante Garde
Length 35'51
Label DRG
Producer Elliot Goldenthal.
Elliot Goldenthal chronology
The Green Bird
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
MovieMusicUK 4/5 stars link
Soundtrack-Express 4/5 stars link
RationalMagic (Favourable) (Very favourable)

The Green Bird score is composed and orchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal for the 1999 musical of the same name, directed by long-time Goldenthal collaborator Julie Taymor; it is an allegorical fairy tale of a royal family's rite of passage after being separated by a wicked grandmother.

The score itself is typical of Goldenthal's style; atonal, sometimes disonant and a balance between theatre, drama and invention. It was, along with the musical itself, well received by critics.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Truffaldino's Sausage Shop (1:15)
  2. O Greedy People (2:56)
  3. Tartaglia's Lament (1:52)
  4. The Bickering (1:02)
  5. Calmon, King of Statues (2:28)
  6. Joy to the King (2:14)
  7. Ninetta's Hope (2:33)
  8. Renzo and Pompea Duet (2:11)
  9. Barbarina's Lament (1:48)
  10. The Waters That Dance (1:26)
  11. Serpentina's Garden (1:33)
  12. Under Bustle Funk (1:13)
  13. Green Bird Descent (2:12)
  14. The Magic Feather (1:06)
  15. The King's Lament (solo violin) (0:40)
  16. Accordions and Palace Rhumba (1:28)
  17. Prologue (Radio Waves) (2:00)
  18. Acids and Alkalis (2:28)
  19. Apple Aria Instrumental (1:35)
  20. O Foolish Heart (2:19)



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