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The Greenhouse Project is a non-profit organization which began as an art project by college students to raise awareness about the growing need for aid for Uganda's orphans. The organization's main goals are to provide impoverished, underfunded orphanages around the world with the means to become self-sustaining. The original project was named after the Greenhouse Orphanage of Mengo, Uganda, the orphanage which inspired the project's beginning.

History of Greenhouse Orphanage[edit]

In 2003, Kevin Kalibbala (August 11, 1987 – present) began adopting orphaned children into his home as a safe-haven from the dangers of his war-torn homeland of Uganda. Using his personal money as a way of providing for the children's school fees, clothing, food, shelter and medical needs, the Greenhouse Orphanage now supports 64 children in total; 37 children live in the orphanage year-round, and 56 children are attending school.[1] Kevin and his siblings were also orphaned when they were young, and have dedicated their hearts and lives to the care of their fellow orphans of Uganda. He is currently attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and still funds the orphanage in his absence.

The Project's Beginning[edit]

The Greenhouse Project was originally an art project by Florida State University student, Rachel Rossin, in response to the growing needs of the Greenhouse Orphanage in Mengo, Uganda. Having been introduced to Kalibbala, through mutual friends, Rossin applied for a creative research grant through Florida State University; soon after, she - with fellow FSU student and friend Heather Kettler - flew to the site in June 2008. While living there, Rossin taught the children technical and creative skills to express themselves through painting and drawing. They then returned to the United States to begin booking art shows as a means of raising funds for the children. The exhibit, which is multi-faceted, includes:

The Greenhouse Project's main concentration is raising awareness and relief through utilizing the children's own art to empower them with a voice. A series of portraits and a small documentary is accompanying their art in a comprehensive show resulting in the final installment of the Greenhouse Project. This show exists to emphasize these children's humanity and value, by bringing to light the reality that all humans, on all continents, are connected in spite of racial, cultural or economic differences.[1] The Greenhouse Project's art show is currently touring and booking art exhibits around the United States in order to raise awareness about the growing needs of Uganda's orphans.

The Organization[edit]

The original art project started by Rossin showed immense potential to impact more than just one orphanage. It then expanded to become a non-profit organization in August 2008. The name carried over from the project's original title. The organization is a secular organization, holding no bias toward any peoples group racially, culturally, economically, or religiously.

Current Focus[edit]

Currently, the Greenhouse Project is raising awareness and funds by giving presentations and having art shows. These funds are going toward meeting the immediate needs of the Greenhouse Orphanage, which includes, school fees, clothing, food, transportation, more land, electricity and running water.

Long-term Goals[edit]

The long-term goals for the project is to provide resources for the orphanage to become self-sustaining. Then, GHP will begin working with a new orphanage with the same goals in mind.

Website and Contact[edit]

To donate, book an exhibit, view the art, read Kevin's full story, or get involved, The Greenhouse Project can be contacted through their temporary website at

Their main website is currently under construction, but can be found at


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