The Guarantee Company of North America

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The Guarantee Company of North America
Founded 1872

The Guarantee Company of North America (The Guarantee), founded in 1872, is the largest purveyor of contract surety and fidelity bonding in Canada[citation needed].

It started out providing fidelity bonds for the employees of the railways (such as the Grand Trunk Railway) in the 1800s.

Its beginnings are traced back to an Edward Rawlings who in 1863 was dispatched from London, England, to Montreal, Canada, to begin this venture. He went out of business, but together with his clients and friend Sir Alexander Galt acquired a charter on April 9, 1872, with Sir Alexander as president and Rawlings as manager in Montreal, Quebec.

Today, The Guarantee is the largest provider of insurance to government and governmental organizations in Canada.[citation needed]

It is the largest company providing contract and commercial surety bonds in Canada.[citation needed]

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The Guarantee Company of North America is held by a holding company. It is through independent brokers that insurance to government agencies, corporations and people is provided.