The Guardian (1713)

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The Guardian
Founder(s)Richard Steele[1]
Founded12 March 1713[2]
Ceased publication1 October 1713[3]

The Guardian was a short-lived newspaper published in London from 12 March to 1 October 1713.[4]

It was founded by Richard Steele[5] and featured contributions from Joseph Addison, Thomas Tickell, Alexander Pope and Ambrose Philips. Steele and Addison had previously collaborated on the Tatler and The Spectator (after which the present-day Spectator and Tatler are named).

The lion's head letterbox at Button's Coffee House, used for submissions to The Guardian

Button's Coffee House in Russell Street, Covent Garden, acted as an ad hoc office for the newspaper.[6] Contributors submitted written material in a marble lion's head letterbox, said to have been designed by the artist William Hogarth, for possible publication in The Guardian.

The Gentleman's Magazine[7] followed on the heels of The Guardian, being touted by Richard Steele as a sequel of it.


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