Guild of Italian American Actors

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Guild of Italian American Actors logo.jpg
Full name Guild of Italian American Actors
Founded December 20, 1937 (1937-12-20)
Members 79 (2013)[1]
Affiliation AAAA (AFL-CIO)
Office location New York City
Country United States

The Guild of Italian American Actors (GIAA) was founded in 1937 as the Italian Actors Union (IAU) to protect the rights of Italian American actors, and renamed in 1998.[2][3][4][5][6][7] The guild has jurisdiction over Italian language professional theater, and works to preserve and promote awareness of Italian culture and heritage. GIAA also provides a casting resource to directors and producers seeking Italian American actors.

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GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos[edit]

GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos was an annual film festival and award ceremony celebrating successful short films and videos, as well as scripts.[9] Winners receive awards including the 'GIAA: Italian American Heritage Award', and awards for the best actor, actress, documentary, and animation. An Audience Favorite award was added in 2008. In 2012 the festival was discontinued after 5 years and there is no current plan to restart it.


GIAA was barred from marching in the Columbus Day Parade in 2002 because it refused to give to parade organizers a list of members who appeared on The Sopranos.[10]


Current officers can be found on the organization's website. Elections are held every 3 years in April, as of 2007. There has been a precedent where a term was extended for 1 year ( Paul Borghese would have ended in 2001 ) and an interim president was used for 1 year ( Lea Serra, 2002-2003 )

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