The Gun (1974 film)

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The Gun
Main title
Genre Drama
Written by Jay Benson
Richard Levinson
William Link
Directed by John Badham
Starring David Huffman
Ron Thompson
Richard Bright
Pepe Serna
Lee de Broux
Stephen Elliott
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Richard Levinson
William Link
Cinematography Stevan Larner
Editor(s) Frank Morriss
Running time 78 minutes
Production company(s) Fairmont/Foxcroft Productions
Universal Television
Distributor ABC
Original network ABC
Original release November 13, 1974

The Gun is a made-for-television film, of the suspense-thriller type, which ABC-TV transmitted as a Movie Of The Week on November 13, 1974. It starred David Huffman, Ron Thompson, Richard Bright, Pepe Serna, Lee de Broux, and Stephen Elliott, and was written directly for television by Jay Benson, Richard Levinson, and William Link and directed by John Badham, then a working director of television productions. Levinson and Link were also the producers of the film.


A series of interweaving stories tell the journey of a handgun—specifically, a long-barreled revolver with a blue-steel finish, whose caliber is not specified—as it passes from one owner to another.[1] Some of these owners are lawless; others are law-abiding and, indeed, law enforcers. But in all the time it passes between its various owners, it is never actually fired (aside from the one test-firing it underwent at the factory) and is never shown actually to discharge any ammunition.

Its last scene, however, depicts a child who finds the gun while it is fully loaded . The film shock-cuts to black just then, but it is implied that the child has accidentally caused it to discharge a round of ammunition—and been seriously injured, or killed, by the bullet thus fired from it.


The Gun was not known, as of July 2015, to have been released on home video in any format or medium.

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